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Point/Counterpoint: Blake Shelton: American Idol?

Blake Shelton is praised for his take on traditional country music, but is his style original enough to merit an award?


Irrepressible ‘Irma Vap’ Wows the Adams Pool

“Irma Vap” succeeded in humorously poking fun at Telenovelas and typical Hispanic stock characters through solid acting and well executed, purposefully cheesy sound effects.



"Cabaret" come to the Loeb Ex this Friday.


Café Tacvba Blends Folkloric and Psychedelic Influences on Seventh Album

Café Tacvba conveys their trippy, folkloric rock sound through powerful vocals, distorted electronic sounds, and precisely pitched guitar that all exemplify the band’s multi-faceted personality.


Townshend Talks Postwar Lyricism

The Who's guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend traced his epic lyricism back to his postwar upbringing in a discussion—followed by a brief performance—at the Berklee Performance Center.


The Perks of Directing Your Own Adaptation

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" ultimately is successful in portraying a life beyond the angsty teenager stereotype.