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BROCKHAMPTON stress that you are valid, you have a voice, and you could be up on that stage if you wanted to.


Arts Vanity: Bottom Five Top Fives

Not all Top Fives deserve to be celebrated.

Album art for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

‘Sgt. Pepper’ at 50 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hype

We cannot divorce “Pepper” from its reputation. So we must acquaint ourselves with its history and observe how it pushes back on the fifty years’ worth of meaning imposed on it.


Thundercat Gets Us ‘Drunk’ On The Splendor of Life

Thundercat effortlessly achieves a fusion of myriad disparate elements, one that anyone could find appealing. You could play this album in the car with your parents, and they would probably bob their heads and smile.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘Bad and Boujee’

Porridge, funneled through a decommissioned sewage pipe into your infected ear, has more charisma than the trap trio responsible for this human rights violation. The porridge makes more sense too.

John Darnielle

John Darnielle Brilliant at Brattle Theater

Onstage at the sold-out Brattle Theater, promoting his recently released sophomore novel, “Universal Harvester,” Darnielle was comfortable and charismatic, as genial as your Midwestern uncle and as thrillingly erudite as your favorite professor.


Mitski Turned Paradise Rock Club Into Just Plain Paradise

The feelings Mitski takes as her subject are both the most dramatic and the most universal; she deals primarily with heartbreak, unhappiness, and the quiet triumph of learning to live with both. Much of the joy of experiencing Mitski’s music, especially live, lies in hearing someone give voice to such feelings so eloquently and acutely.

Ajarae Coleman

Alumni Spotlight: Ajarae D. Coleman ’02

Ajarae D. Coleman ’02 is an actress and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.


David Ramirez Brings Professionalism and Soul to the Historic Club Passim

Ramirez himself never fell short of captivating, bringing a presence and animal force to his set that exhausted him; he frequently wiped his face with a cloth, which sat on a nightstand beside Ramirez’s picture of “Groundhog Day”-era Bill Murray.


'Lyrical Surgeons': The Necessity of GZA’s 'Liquid Swords' In The World Today

If the prospect of rap being overrun by mumblers fills you with anxiety, know you have GZA’s razor-sharp, lyrically peerless “Liquid Swords” to fall back on.


With ‘Lyk Dis,’ NxWorries Makes Good on Its Potential

That single, “Lyk Dis,” is a step in the right direction. .Paak continues to behave as though there’s nothing new under the sun, rap-singing about morning sex and milking the subject for all its worth. Yet he brings a sense of melody that only appeared in glimmers on “Suede.”


'Masterminds' Mindless

The getups are in fact amusing, and the actors are capable, charismatic improvisers—but it’s all in service of nothing. “Masterminds” makes for a diverting hour and a half, but it comprises little else but dumb, awkward spectacle.

Kevin Can Wait

‘Kevin Can Wait,’ Do Other Things Instead

James plays a character named Kevin, which either means that he’s given up entirely or that he was just itching to get the pun “Kevin can wait” out to the masses.


If Sober, Skip 'Skiptracing'

"I wanted to push the technology to the limit and make an ultra clean record that sounded crystallized at any volume,” he said. It sets “Skiptracing” apart from Mild High Club’s previous effort.