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Unionization Exit Polls

Exit Polls Suggested 50.6 Percent Favored Union

Exit poll results adjusted for response bias suggested a slight majority—50.6 percent—of eligible students who cast ballots voted in favor of unionization. But the margin of error—plus or minus 2 percent—meant The Crimson could not definitively call the election.

Unionization Vote

NLRB Rules Against Harvard in Student Unionization Appeal

​Harvard may have to hold a new election to determine whether eligible students can form a union after the National Labor Relations Board ruled against the University’s appeal Tuesday.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

With Looming Tax Bill, Grad Students Escalate Advocacy

Harvard graduate students have continued to advocate against Republican tax proposals that could hike their taxes and cut into the University’s endowment.

GSAS's Dudley House

Graduate Student Council Urges Harvard To Withdraw NLRB Appeal

The resolution asks Harvard to drop an appeal to the National Labor Relations Board that argues that there should not be another election to determine whether or not graduate students may unionize.

Commencement Celebration

Students Criticize Proposed Elimination of Loan Deductions

Graduate students say they are concerned about the tax plan’s “devastating” elimination of deductions for interest on student loans.

Unionization Vote

Grad Unionization Attorney Criticizes Harvard’s NLRB Appeal

One of the unionization effort’s attorneys criticized the voting list Harvard created before the still-contested 2016 election.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2016

GOP Plan Could Cause Grad Student Tax Hike

“It’s very alarming for graduate students,” said Colleen Golja, a graduate student in engineering. “I can’t imagine paying more taxes than I already do.”

Student Groups

Graduate Council Holds Elections, Discusses DACA Response

The Harvard Graduate Council elected seven students to its executive board Monday evening and discussed ways to respond to Trump's decision to end DACA.

Immigration protest
University News

Passport to Uncertainty

With Trump's immigration orders on hold, some international students say the "fear and anxiety" hasn't abated.

Harvard Logs In
Computer Science

Harvard, Connected: The Houses Got Internet

The relative obscurity of Harvard’s “high speed data network” in 1992 caused some students to disregard its significance at first.


Student Union Organizers Gear Up for Potential Re-Vote

Even before the National Labor Relations Board has finalized its decision, student union organizers at Harvard are preparing to launch another unionization campaign.

Graduate School Council Elections

Graduate Council Holds Elections, Revises Constitution

​Kevin Tian, a graduate student in applied physics, and Aric Flemming, a graduate student at the Divinity School, were elected President and Vice-President of the Harvard Graduate Council on Monday.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Student Unionization Hearing Ends

​A hearing that could determine the fate of Harvard’s student unionization election ended Friday, though a final decision may not come until next month.

Unionization Vote

Harvard Student Unionization: What’s at Stake

Harvard's student unionization effort is going to an NLRB hearing today. Here's a guide to who’s involved, what’s happened so far, and what’s at stake.

Harvard Grad Council Adopts Statement On Immigration Ban

​Harvard Graduate Council members voted unanimously to “stand as a united body against the polarization affecting this country” in an open letter on President Donald Trump's immigration ban Monday.