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Visual Arts

Identities Gives a Cutting-Edge Look at Fashion

IDENTITIES 2017 offered a well-engineered look at futuristic fashion.

"The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life"

'Bones' Series Finale Bittersweet and Paced Poorly

The series finale of the show offers emotional tension through music and nostalgia, but fails to deliver fully because of its fast pace.

The Idiot cover

‘The Idiot’ Embraces Culture, Romance, and Humor

In her second novel, “The Idiot,” Elif Batuman ‘99 explores freshman Selin Karadag’s experience during her first year at Harvard. The novel successfully offers a meaningful reflection on culture, love, and personality through humorous quips, character building, and chronological structure.


What The Hell Happened: Shooting Stars Meme

As the characters in the meme twitch into the abyss that is the sky, this meme will disappear into whatever internet abyss swallowed MySpace.

Universal Harvester cover

'Universal Harvester' Suspenseful Without the Scare

“Universal Harvester” brilliantly weaves a path through time and characters. Author John Darnielle successfully creates suspense through his use of syntax and multiple narrators, revealing little until the very end.


The Secret Lives of Bowls

Benjamin Strobel is a woodturner who takes the wood from the trees that are cut down at Harvard and turns them into bowls and pens.


‘Virgin and Other Stories’ Pointed and Cohesive

This collection contains more than your conventional sex stories.


‘FLOTUS’: Mesmerizing Music, Unintelligible Lyrics

Their most recent album album mesmerizes with sound, but the lyrics are too obscured to adequately portray even the uncomplicated themes of their music.

Air New Zealand Safety Video

Air New Zealand Flies in the Face of Safety Video Convention

Most safety videos do not include talking dogs, bad French accents, and hearing aids, but Air New Zealand has made sure to change that.


‘Shout Out to My Ex’: Catchy, Upbeat, and Repetitive

The British girl group’s latest single fits in with their musical niche—stylistically similar to previous singles such as “Wings,” “Black Magic,” and “Move,” which all have repetitive lyrics and fast-paced music.

Penn Masala
On Campus

Penn Masala Concert Combines Music, Charity, and Culture

Penn Masala, a South Asian a cappella group, collaborated with Harvard's SAA on a charity concert on Saturday night.


‘Conviction’ Intriguing, Amusing, and Emotionally Lacking

The show has an intriguing plot, protagonist, and structure; yet it is bizarrely unsuccessful at using music to create scenes with emotional atmospheres.

The Wonder

‘The Wonder’ Suspenseful and Well-Crafted

With its well-drawn characters, unusual setting, and fluid plot, “The Wonder” shines.

iO Tillett Wright

Self, Parents, and Spectrum: An Interview with IO Tillett Wright

So I thought, people just don’t know each other, and they demonize each other...and I want to introduce them to each other.