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Student Life

Engineering Harvard

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may be creating an entirely new kind of Harvard student—one more focused on problem sets than parties and extracurriculars.

Free Speech at Harvard

A War of Words?

As debates over free speech roil campuses nationwide, many say Harvard has been comparatively—if not entirely—quiet.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Harvard's Goaltender: William R. Fitzsimmons '67

Now Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 still holds his college hockey record and has surely not forgotten his days in the College.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin Must Participate in Admissions Lawsuit, Court Rules

Boston Latin School will have to turn over documents relevant to an ongoing lawsuit accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian American applicants after a court partially denied Boston Latin School’s request to stay out of the lawsuit Tuesday.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Record-High 84 Percent of Admitted Students Will Join Class of 2021

​Roughly 84 percent of students invited to join the Class of 2021 accepted their offer, a marked uptick from the Class of 2020’s 80 percent yield rate last year and the highest yield rate in decades.


67 Undergraduates Win Hoopes Prizes

The College notified sixty-seven undergraduates on Thursday that they had received the 2017 Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize, which recognizes students for excellence in research and scholarly work.

The Delphic Door

Police Respond to Assault, Head Injury Over Weekend

​The Cambridge Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit is “following up” on a head "laceration" a 21-year-old woman suffered on Linden St. Saturday.

Boston Latin School

Three More Top High Schools Subpoenaed in Admissions Lawsuit

An anti-affirmative action group wrote that the schools were subpoenaed because they rank among the top high schools in the country, send a sizeable portion of their students to top universities, and enroll a large number of Asian American students.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin School Subpoenaed in Admissions Lawsuit

Boston Latin School requested to stay out of the lawsuit, which accuses Harvard of discriminating against Asian Americans in its admissions process.

Cambridge Police

City of Cambridge Awarded State Grant to Combat Gang Recruitment

The City of Cambridge has been awarded over $32,000 as a part of the state government’s annual Shannon Grant awards to fight gang activity across the state.

Dean Fitzsimmons

2,056 Accepted to Harvard Class of 2021

​Harvard admitted 5.2 percent of applicants to the College’s Class of 2021 Thursday, accepting 2,056 students of its nearly 40,000 applicants.


Disbelief and Ecstasy Greet Admitted Students

​Catherine Wang, a senior at Lexington High School in Lexington, Mass., wasn’t expecting much to happen on March 30.

The Hong Kong Restaurant

Marijuana Gummy Incident Briefly Closes Kong

Scorpions bowls weren’t the only intoxicating substance distributed at the Hong Kong Restaurant in October 2016.


Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Plaintiff Recruits Students for Similar Case at UT

​Students for Fair Admissions launched a new website Thursday to recruit students for a similar lawsuit at the University of Texas at Austin.

Winthrop Fire

Fire Department Flocks to Fire at Winthrop Construction Site

​The Cambridge Fire and Police Departments responded to a structure fire Monday morning on the Winthrop House construction site.