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Higher Brothers - Journey to the West

A Look at Higher Brothers’ ‘Journey to the West’

At the Paradise Rock Club, Higher Brothers proved that their version of Chinese rap has the potential to become a commercially and culturally viable form of modern hip-hop.

Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) - Car Seat Headrest

Face to Face Goes Head to Head: Car Seat Headrest and the Rerelease of ‘Twin Fantasy’

While some may say that on “Twin Fantasy (Face to Face),” the group loses some of its lo-fi, DIY charm, it is readily apparent that the group has made a much better album with studio backing than with the single laptop approach. It will be interesting to see what comes next for the Virginia group, but after this stunning re-release, expecting big things seems only reasonable.

Migos in "Stir Fry"

Music Video Breakdown: 'Stir Fry' by Migos

Although Migos may have fallen short of an artistic statement, a coherent plot, and even an inoffensive video, they have succeeded in producing a visual spectacle that is, if nothing else, entertaining.

"Amen" - Rich Brian

'Amen' to That

While “Amen” is several steps away from a masterpiece, it is a solid contribution to the field and a beautiful look into the reborn Rich Brian.