Dressing for the Game

I admit it. I was primarily responsible for Harvard losing to Princeton in football. Although I didn't get to play
By Mare Sadowsky

I admit it. I was primarily responsible for Harvard losing to Princeton in football. Although I didn't get to play at all, it was my clothes that determined the outcome of the game. Without thinking, I put on white socks with orange and black stripes, the same colors as the stripes on Princeton's uniforms.

As if this wasn't enough, I wore a Michigan shirt. My sister goes to Michigan and wearing a Michigan shirt usually does the trick for a Crimson victory, but not when the shirt is worn in combination with the colors of the opposing school. As logic would have it, Michigan lost its first game of the season Saturday.

I hadn't realized what I had done until after the game wher. I ran into a famous television personality wearing a long sleeve Lacost shirt who pointed out to me the problems with the clothes I was wearing.

Realizing the error of my ways, I'm going to make sure that I don't wear anything that will help Brown win this Saturday. Brown, that school unfortunately located in Providence, R.I., a city 40 miles south of here, will be hosting many Harvard teams this weekend.

But before we drift away to that fairyland in Rhode Island, let's remember that the women's tennis team will be playing its final fall match this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at Palmer Dixon. This will be the last time you'll be able to see the fearsome freshman stars of the team in competition until the spring. Think about that...

You don't have anything to do Friday afternoon? Well, if you're still around the Cambridge area, you can catch the J.V. soccer team battling Brown at 3:30 p.m. on the Business School Field.

And if you're going to enter that mystical land of enchantment, where every dream comes true and everybody has dreams, that state south of the border (says Pedro), you can watch the frosh football team hit the Bruins at 2 p.m. Don't ask me where this one is because all I can say is that it's got to be on some field on that sprawling urban campus.

It's Saturday morning. The birds are just beginning to start their musical songs and the frost has etched some magnificent patterns on the window panes. Where are you? Stop dreaming and let's get back to business--this isn't one of those crazy CIA tests where the aerosol LSD seeps out of the very paper you're reading, or is it?

Saturday morning at Brown is going to be a blast. Like any day, you're going to have to wake up very early in the morning to get out of bed. At about 10 a.m. the rugby team will be visiting their friends at Brown and sources say that all three teams will be playing (i.e. A. B, and C). Tri to be there.

Of course, if field hockey is your game, you can watch your game at 10:30 p.m. when the women play at Brown. The stickwomen are doing quite well this season and deserve your vote in the November election.

Now it's time to talk about football. After you've been rugged and field-hockeyed out, you can bop on down to the Brown Stadium for the 1:30 p.m. kickoff of the Harvard-Brown game. Harvard partisans will be sitting in the north stand, which is apparently an unfortunate fate. I'll be sitting with a bunch of the guys in section P, row 9. You'll be able to tell us because we'll be wearing shoes, pants, shirts, and coats. Also, all of us have hair on our heads.

Flashback: It's Fall, 1975. You're sitting in the Quincy JCR watchingthe Brown-Harvard game on television because you weren't smart enough to go to Providence. Brown is the big favorite, but you can't help laughing every time Harvard throws a pass to a receiver who is at least ten yards away from any Bruin defender. The same thing could happen this year and this time I'll be there to see it, instead of 40 miles away from the action. If you're going to the game, remember to check out the offer on the back of your ticket. Your stub is worth a free cocktail at a nearby hotel.

After you're finished imbibing and have eaten your fill at the Ratty, Brown's dining hall named after a Boston punk rock emporium, you can go back to the stadium and watch a soccer game. No, this isn't a typo. The Harvard and Brown teams will meet under the lights at 7:30 p.m.

One more thing--Rich, our rock reviewer, says that he's not going to write his "rock" "column" ever again after this week. There are two things we can all do to guarantee that we'll continue to read Rick's articles. We've all got to wish really hard and clap our hands three times, at the same time. After that, drop Rich a line at 14 Plympton St. telling him how much you're going to miss his column. And I mean you should do this.

I've got to go listen to my Olivia Newton-John record because I'm reviewing it Friday. To quote Olivia herself, "Let me be there in the morning."

Be there. Aloha. Your friend,