Truly art this column this week is truly Art because there aren't going to be any synapses in it no
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Truly art this column this week is truly Art because there aren't going to be any synapses in it no breaks no commas no synapses no pauses no breaks no punctuation whatsoever because that makes it easier to write and makes it harder to read but who cares and there is less chance that an entire sentence can be blown off in the shop blown off in the shop my is that totally worthless totally inside joke getting tired just like me and just like the guy in Network did you see that over vacation bubby the Atlanta Rhythm Section with Journey and Starcastle at the Orpheum on April 10 at 8 pm did you catch that it was the first listing and you probably missed it yes yes yes yes did you catch that it was a reference not so subtle to Joyce and Mary Albert at the same time will anybody ever talk to me again after this mess that's taking me about as much time to write as you think it must be taking me to write it none of your business anyway how long it takes for me to write this like I said last week read the Real Paper or Harry's column Chris in the library Pollak's roommate the wise guy didn't say vomit he said garbage which is different and therefore offended me what did it do to you sent you to Shangrila I doubt it strongly coulda used a period there but I'm already in this way over my head how's your head doing bubby speaking of Todd Rundgren and Utopia at the Orf orforforf on May 7 at 8 pm the Bay City Rollers may 11 will be at the Orph too no only the movie caps get written by drugaddicts deWitt is really an escaped loon from a bin in southeastern Massachusetts a renegade from a world that won't even accept yogurt culture let along drug culture the Dead are already sold out but you still might be able to buy some tickets from Ratner's roommates Margie Adams Little Feat Joan Baez April 15--17 May 13 May 21 Jordan Hall the Orpheum the Orf did you figure that one our Garland Jeffries at the Berklee Performance Center on April 17 and you can't take grandma grandma nonono I won't list any sales at department or leather stores this week because this thing is taking longer than I thought it would and after all this is only a college paper an extracurricular activity or is it just a bad dream I'll opt for two of the latter on cissel or is it sissel bubby I can't really believe it but the Ramones are back on tax day and the next day at Salisbury Beach wherever that is follow the shore line I suppose and what did you do during the war wrote rock caps I suppose well buddy you suppose wrong I am your collective conscience the boys you sent off to fight in the trenches and we won't be back til it's over over over there yes yes yes yes yes and it counts yes yes yes si ja cane cain kain k-k-k-k-katie wonderful katie yes yes no I can't believe this yes yes later yes later later later yes.