Harvard Style At a Glance

Boho Chic After a brief affair with paint-stained Diesel tees and custom-ripped jeans from cult Japanese label Paper Denim Cloth,

Boho Chic

After a brief affair with paint-stained Diesel tees and custom-ripped jeans from cult Japanese label Paper Denim Cloth, he joined the Signet, took up sherry and became a quintessential metrosexual garbed in the finest vintage tweed. Best known in the arts community for a daring adaptation of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost set in Meiji restoration Japan and staged in the Quincy Grille—which he successfully petitioned to count for his joint VES-Literature degree—he aspires to a Polanski-cum-Kurosawa career trajectory. His weblog, which features translations of lesser-known Proust and original analysis of the Harvard Film Archive’s latest showings of post-war Icelandic cinema, is updated with alarming frequency. Friends enjoy the sly humour that lurks behind his blue-tinted glasses, which are worn even when lounging in the Loeb Drama Center’s greenroom.

Concentration: VES and Literature (joint)

Favorite Class: Visual and Environmental Studies 187x, “New German Cinema: Oppositional Energies and Utopian Designs”

Favorite Campus Eatery: Sert Cafe with film professor

Most Likely to Have in Bag: Herbal Cigarettes

Coffee of Choice: Algiers’ Arabic

Party Scene: Grolier poetry readings

Most Memorable Moment: An experimental production of Beckett in Chicago’s Steppenwolf theater

Plain Vanilla

His Red Sox cap serves a dual purpose, both covering the unwashed hair and declaring allegiance to a team he’s not really familiar with beyond Nomar Garciaparra. His Gap-jeans-and-sneakers ensemble sometimes veers dangerously into Jerry Seinfeld territory, but the North Face backpack he tows to the Lamont Reading Room every afternoon screams student. The pride and joy of his wardrobe is a Keezer’s suit—replete with sleeves just a tiny bit too short—purchased last week in preparation for upcoming recruiting interviews.

Concentration: Economics

Favorite Class: Moral Reasoning 22, “Justice”

Favorite Campus Eatery: Loker’s Fly-By

Most Likely to Have in Bag: Dave Matthews Band ticket stubs

Coffee of Choice: Greenhouse Mocha before 10 a.m. Core

Party Scene: Currier 10-man

Most Memorable Moment: Resurrecting the ’Pack beer funnel

Manhattan Socialite

The key component of any outfit is her designer denim piece. Having worn out her reliable stretch Sevens sophomore year, she has turned to Citizens of Humanity to show off the results of all those hours at Wellbridge. On days when her response paper for History of Art took a little longer than she had scheduled (all tasks are scheduled in a Smythson leather-bound day-planner), she throws on a brightly colored Ralph Lauren crew knit and thanks God for that amazing weekly blow-dry from Gino. On the weekend, the routine is more complex: out comes the Earl mini (and with it, the Carriage House salon leg wax), the BCBG floaty, chiffon Grecian-style blouse and the teardrop pearl earrings her parents gave her upon graduation from Spence. In preparation for her high-flying career in PR, she recently founded yet another female final club which promises enriching service opportunities between garden party mixers at the Spee.

Concentration: History of Art and Architecture

Favorite Class: Hist of Art 11, “Landmarks of World Architecture”

Favorite Campus Eatery: Barker Rotunda Cafe

Most Likely to Have in Bag: Lancôme Juicy Tube lip gloss in Framboise

Coffee of Choice: Tall skim latte from Starbucks

Party Scene: Embassy Boston

Most Memorable Moment: Sunset over the Aegean Sea with high school boyfriend during year off before college


The fourth in a distinguished legacy-laden line of Williams, his Fly buddies know him only by his last name—coincidentally the same as New England’s leading auction house. He dresses down in Brooks Brothers pressed chinos and nautical-colored, argyle-knit V-neck sweaters. When decked out for a night at Boston’s swankiest cigar bar, armed with a brandy snifter, he prefers his eggshell button-down Oxford and tastefully tartan tie from J. Press. One day, his American Government degree will land him a stint in London negotiating real estate deals, a yacht named after his childhood golden retriever Sebastian and a wife as well versed in Don DeLillo and Michael Ondaatje as she is in Neiman Marcus heritage homewares for their house in the Hamptons.

Concentration: Government

Favorite Class: Gov 1540, “The American Presidency”

Favorite Campus Eatery: HBS Spangler Hall Grille

Most Likely to Have in Bag: Extra cufflinks

Coffee of Choice: Tosci’s French roast

Party Scene: The Fly

Most Memorable Moment: Losing virginity on 17th birthday in back seat of new BMW on the Cape

DHA Devotee

Rising each morning for practice before the sun comes up and taking a mid-morning recovery nap while the rest of us are still hitting the snooze button is de rigeur for this carbohydrate-fueled dynamo. Her notes are impeccably organized, her sourcebook is marked up in three different sets of highlighter and her outfits rarely deviate from the sweatpants and Crimson Crazies combo accesorized with a bottle of Smart Water. Out and about on the weekend, she’s wearing Abercrombie jeans in a cross-hatch wash, a black tank in slinky jersey and a little too much eye shadow, but regardless of the excess, those mean Beirut skills ensure she’ll be the life of any party.

Concentration: History of Science

Favorite Class: Hist of Sci Junior Tutorial

Favorite Campus Eatery: Dining hall at 7 a.m. after practice

Most Likely to Have in Bag: 3 colors of highlighter

Coffee of Choice: Dining hall, never after 5 p.m.

Party Scene: House-sponsored dance

Most Memorable Moment: Staying up until midnight one Saturday freshman year

Co-Op Crunch

Clutching a Judith Butler paperback and extra copies of the fact sheet, “10 Myths About a Living Wage,” this die-hard Folk and Myth concentrator buys her clothes from a website she read about in Mother Jones—a company that produces its clothes out of hemp and splits its profits equally among its workers. She attends innumerable protest rallies armed with a cup of fair trade coffee in hand. Her hair is washed with organic shampoo and her teeth brushed with organic fennel baking soda, both from Tom’s of Maine. She made her Macrame bracelet herself while on a summer expedition inspecting labor conditions in Guatemala.

Concentration: Folklore and Mythology

Favorite Class: Gov 1140, “What’s Left, the Politics of Social Justice”

Favorite Campus Eatery: Cafe Gato Rojo

Most Likely to Have in Bag: Extra Free Tibet buttons

Coffee of Choice: Peet’s organic

Party Scene: Co-op vegan barbeque

Most Memorable Moment: Getting maced by NYPD at antiwar protest