Oops! ...Madrid It Again

Wow. Who knew theater could be this good?
By Petey E. Menz

Last year, The Crimson reviewed “Victorian Secrets,” the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ 166th production. They deemed the jokes “trite and not funny.” This year, The Crimson's review, which appears below, was written by former FM chair Petey E. Menz, who should in no way be confused with the Petey E. Menz who cowrote the book for “Oops! ...Madrid it Again,” HPT’s 167th annual production.

Wow. Who knew theater could be this good? This is on the level of Shakespeare, Stoppard, and last year's HPT production, which was written by the same team of Brian J. Mendel, Petey E. Menz, and Ian D. Nightingale. What a trio! I'd say that they've come a long way since last year, but maybe the world just caught up to them. Is this where corrections go? The Crimson would like to issue a correction in last year's review: trite and not funny should have read "not trite and funny, and life-changingly good." The Crimson regrets the error. But anyway, wow. A+ acting, jokes, music, jokes, technical effects, jokes, jokes, and doesn't the name "Petey" look really nice on the program? Five stars all around.

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