This Week in Photos: April 23 - April 27

By Delano R. Franklin
We endured prefrosh clogging up our classes and were rewarded for our patience with a taste of sunny, warm weather. All this and more, this week.
By Flyby Blog

By Kai R. McNamee

Last weekend saw the yearly Eleganza show, aka the day of the year when your insecurities about your body are mysteriously magnified. Luckily there's some enjoyment mixed in with the stress there.

BSOC organized against the physical confrontation between a black College student and the police, and protestors gathered around the statue chanting, "treat me, don't beat me."

Trevor Ladner '20, who performs as Miss Annie Thang, prepares for a drag workshop in Cabot House.

Skating in to the end of the year is oh so freeing—just be sure you don't crash into a wall before you've made it out.

As temperatures (finally) rise and summer beckons around the corner, we still have the last push of reading period ahead of us. Power through, Harvard.

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