This Week in Photos: Apr. 2 - Apr. 6

By Lydia L. Cawley
Catch up on what you missed this week.
By Flyby Blog

Sunday marked Harvard's annual Holi celebrations. Luckily for all the color-flinging participants, the rain didn't set in until later this week.

By Amy Y. Li

The former Market in the Square did what we all do when our parents are about to visit—clean up and make everything look “Wholesome and Fresh” (as this meme so aptly put it).

Harvard could always use more mental health-centric initiatives, but in the midst of midterms, cold rain, and general gloom, Mental Health Matters Week, with its petting zoo and free food events, came at a particularly good time. Shouts out to this little guy for brightening our day.

Many of you will be sad to learn that you missed out on the revelry (or wild people-watching) of last weekend’s Anime Boston Convention.

You can blame Neptune (see above) for this stormy week.

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