The organizers of Harvard's first annual Sex Week hope to spark a campus-wide discussion on issues ranging from sexual health and communication to gender identification and sexuality. Sex Week, which runs through Saturday, has well over twenty different events planned. From abstinence to BDSM, there is something for everyone. And with event names like these, we are confident students will have plenty to talk about. Without further ado, five of the most colorful events, in chronological order:

Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride: Sex Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations

Monday 12 p.m., Wasserstein Hall, West Milstein A

Good Vibrations (no, not the song) will be demoing lube and showing off sex toys after a short talk on sex-positivity. Come for the free food, if not for the vibrators.

What What (In the Butt): Anal Pleasure 101

Tuesday 4 p.m., Ticknor Lounge

'Nuff said? Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino, author of two books and director of six sex movies on the subject, will lecture on anatomy and more. Samwell will not be in attendance.

BDSM 101: Kink, Negotiation, and Safety

Wednesday 4 p.m., Ticknor Lounge

BDSM educator Mollena Williams ("The Perverted Negress," according to her website) will lecture on the basics and safe practices of kink. Williams is proud to have served as "International Ms. Leather 2010."

God Says Sex is Good

Wednesday 8:00 p.m., Sever 113

It's hard for this title not to catch your eye. Come to hear Ministry Fellow Nick Norwalk lecture on human sexuality in light of the Christian story and to find out whether God says sex is good before marriage as well as after.

8th Annual Female Orgasm Seminar

Saturday 8-10 p.m., Science Center B

The Female Orgasm Seminar has become one of the most popular events on campus. Come for Dr. Logan Levkoff's lecture, stay for the free vagina cupcakes, lube, and sex toys. If history repeats itself, the Science Center will reach capacity. Students are encouraged to show up 30 minutes early to ensure a seat.

A full, detailed schedule of all Sex Week events can be found here.

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