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UHS Advises Students To Carefully Consider New ACA Health Options

As the White House works to repair the technological glitches that impacted the rollout of the new online health exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act, University Health Services has a clear message for students: think carefully before jumping onto a new plan.

Students Satisfied with Mental Health Care, Survey Suggests

The majority of students who sought treatment for mental health care at Harvard University Health Services last year felt satisfied with their experience and said they would be willing to recommend their clinician to a friend, according to the results of a patient satisfaction survey released at a UHS-sponsored “Community Conversation” Tuesday night.

Students Tested After UHS Confirms Case of TB On Campus

The Cambridge Public Health Department and Harvard University Health Services are urging a limited number of students and faculty to undergo tuberculosis tests after a member of the Harvard community recently tested positive for the infection.

Mental Health Reform Movement Loses Steam

In an indication that the student-led movement to reform mental health resources may be losing steam, Harvard University Health Services postponed the release of mental health survey results after zero students showed up to either of its two public presentations in the last week.

'Harvard Speaks Up' About Mental Health

Students, administrators, professors, and alumni from across the Harvard community are speaking up and sharing their personal experiences with mental illness and stress as part of the newly launched “Harvard Speaks Up” online video series.

Alumni Pledge Funds for Mental Health

In a letter to top University officials sent Monday night, more than 100 members of the Class of 2010 demanded that the administration address students’ mental health concerns and start a new alumni-supported mental health fund.

Panel Clarifies Mental Health Policies

University officials promoted existing mental health resources, clarified policies, and listened to student concerns in response to demands for an open dialogue on mental health at a panel discussion Thursday night.

Flyby Preview: Questions for Tomorrow's Mental Health Town Hall

With one day to go until administrators and representatives of University Health Services sit down at Thursday's much-anticipated "Mental Health Town Hall," students are refining, submitting, and voting on questions that aim to demystify Harvard's mental health resources and procedures.

Amid Concerns Over Mental Health, Administrators Emphasize Existing Resources

Facing a rising chorus of calls to reform mental health services on campus, Harvard officials are emphasizing mental health resources and financial support systems already available to students.