“Hi, I’m Dean Pfister”- Currier House

Currier House brought pre-Housing Day fever to new heights with an email from “dean.donald.pfister@gmail.com.” Complete with a fungus reference, a tree-themed book recommendation, and an invitation to join “the Dean” at the park, it bore all of the marks of a classic Pfister correspondence.

For a minute, we thought Harvard’s favorite “fun-uncle-Dean” was up to his usual tricks. But no—a controversy!

The email, which introduced Currier’s Housing Day video “What Does the Tree Say?”, could be a violation of a policy because it kind of hacked the email of an administrator, we think. (Does anyone know where we could find Dean Hammonds to ask her about this?).

This brouhaha is the most controversial story in Housing Day news since yesterday, when Kirkland took down its video featuring women in bikinis.

Our advice? Calm down about housing! It’s really not a big deal—I mean, Flyby’s not even ranking them this year.

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