At just an hour past midnight on Tuesday, more than 300 people had already signed up for Datamatch. Why not put off that pset for another 15 minutes?

Take a seat. It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means you’re either smug about your significant other you snagged during cuffing season, or you’re going through the week trying real hard not to think about your single status. Cry no more, folks, because Datamatch, the Harvard Computer Society’s yearly matchmaking survey, went up on Tuesday this week. If you choose to accept your match, then you get a free date — and how can any of us say no to free food?

All Datamatch asks is that you to fill out a short survey — the questions are all multiple-choice, and, in our expert opinion, pretty funny. HCS puts a lot of stock in their mysterious algorithm, which makes this whole thing sound a lot like an episode of Black Mirror, but let’s try not to think about that. You’ve already wasted hours on Tinder, even after they started ‘prioritizing’ your pictures — um, rude? — so really, how can this hurt you? If you’re in a relationship, Datamatch even has a platonic setting. Freshmen, this is your chance to replace the friends you lose to blocking drama!

If you’re still not sold, you can live vicariously through intrepid Flyby writers, who will be signing up and going on their dates. Feel free to laugh at our awkwardness — just remember, we’re getting a paid-for meal, so who are the real winners here?