Sweet Potatoes Aren't That Bad: A Guide to Clover's Fall Menu

We couldn't resist sampling the Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich.
We couldn't resist sampling the Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich. By Georgia R. Messinger

With the removal of Harvard Time (rip), many have been forced to accept Clover as a lunchtime staple. But, with all the readings Harvard students already have to do, the expansive menu can feel quite daunting to sift through. Not to fear — we did the heavy lifting for you! Neil, a Clover employee, gave us the inside scoop on his fall favorites, and we verified his suggestions with a taste test of our own.

The Main Course

Recommendation: Japanese Sweet Potato Sandwich. Neil immediately endorsed this sandwich the moment he was asked for his go-to menu item. So expectations were high...

Verdict: You can tell the bread is fresh out of the oven because it is the perfect mix of soft and crunchy. The sweet potatoes inside are smooth and sweet and contrast with the fresh crisp of the lettuce shreds. The sandwich is completed with a shoyu sauce which is to die for. Really, this sandwich is unlike any sandwich you’ve had before. Overall, in the best way possible, this sandwich tastes like a warm hug and is a must-eat as the weather cools down.

The Beverage of Choice

Recommendation: Paw Paw Soda. While Paw Paw may look like a tropical fruit, Neil stressed that it is actually grown right here in Massachusetts. Clover apparently has a “special secret farm” where they source their Paw Paw. Suspicious? Maybe. But we support it.

Verdict: Weird but good. The bubbles and tropical undertones are tangy. The flavor is refreshing and not too sweet. Once you start drinking, it’s hard not to finish the cup. The name is also super cute.

And What We Couldn’t Resist Trying Anyway

Chickpea Fritter Platter: Come hungry. This crispy and flavorful platter is a bit overwhelming but certainly tasty.

Rosemary Fries: Cuffing season who? Fries before guys. This snack is a Clover classic.

Apple Lemonade: Be sure to grab this drink while you can because it usually sells out (and for good reason, the combination of apple and lemon is awesomely sweet and sour).

Clover really does have something for everyone, and it’s conveniently located for science nerds on-the-go. While those among us who can remember the good ol’ days may miss Greenhouse, maybe if we eat at Clover enough, our Board Plus will finally be accepted there…just maybe.

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