Relaxation Study Break
It’s midterm season and you’re either confused, stressed out, or both. Probably both. Maybe you’re dealing with it by going through the Red Bull stash in your microfridge, cursing out your pillow, or driving your roommates nuts. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Here are some easy but fun pick-me-ups you can treat yourself to after a busy week. Your roommates (and your pillow) will thank you!

Retail Therapy

Capitalism is the true cure. You’ve got money, and it’s waiting to be spent. That furry blanket you’ve been eyeing? Make it yours. There’s nothing more therapeutic than swiping some plastic and walking home, arms full of stuff you don’t need but just really want. Don’t feel guilty, you’re basically helping the economy.

Plan a Board Game Night

There’s no better way to let the stress out than with some healthy competition. Grab a few friends and your favorite board games. This might sound lame right now, but when you’re trying to get that triple-word-score in Scrabble or put down that last UNO card, nothing else will matter.

Binge-watch a New TV Show

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about the million things you have to do next week. Take a break, and call it a night. Run to CVS for candy and microwave some popcorn, then pull out your pajamas, dim the lights, and let Netflix do all the hard work.

Go to a Fitness Class

You might not know what exactly pilates is, but you know it sounds healthy. From barre to cycling, the Malkin Athletic Center and Hemenway have got it all. Covering a wide range in both intensity and type, there’s a class for almost everyone. Grab a friend and check them out!


Can’t remember the last time you read something just for fun? It’s time to change that once and for all. Whether it’s a new book, a gossip magazine, or your favorite blog (shameless plug), explore one of the many literary wonders this world has to offer.

Midterm season is stressful, but hopefully these tips help you relax a little. Remember that no one exam or paper is life-defining, and if you still have midterms left, good luck!