They Might Not Be Into You If … Harvard Edition

By Amy Y. Li

Now that it’s cuffing season, you may have been persuaded to shoot your shot a few times, but there’s a line between going for it and pursuing a dead end. Here are some ways to know if that Harvard student you’ve got your eye on just isn’t into you.

They Look Board When You Mention You Have Extra BoardPlus to Blow

This may be cheesy, but if your crush turns down free mozzarella sticks, they might have been stringing you along. On the plus side, the grille you’re at will never grill you about your past relationships or break your heart.

When You Tell Them You’ll Save Them a Spot in Lecture, They Ask You to Take Notes

I’m not here to lecture anyone, but if you attempt to get more face time in by saving them a seat in lecture and they take that as an offer to take notes for them as they sleep in, they’re unfortunately sleeping on you. You might be hearing “notes,” but what they really mean is no-tes.

They Give You the Cold Shoulder

If your attempts to use the cold weather to flirt fall flat, that’s your cue to move on. If you offer her your Harvard Athletics sweatshirt and she tells you she’s not cold, athlete or not, you’re out of the running. And if you say you’re cold and he says “I can’t control the weather,” it’s time you dropped the man and get yourself a jacket.

The Dhall Default

If you invite them to eat in the Square and they consistently default to Harvard University Dining Services, that’s dhallmark of disinterest. In other words, if you’re looking for hugs but get HUDS, it’s time to digest the hard truth: They’re just not into you.

The Phony

If they’re always on their phone when you see them but you get hours of radio silence to your “How was your day’s,” it’s time to call it quits. While it’s possible that they just are that busy, chances are, you’re better off dialing it back.

It’s a tough world out there, and finding love is hard. But rest assured, the earlier you know when to cut your losses, the more time and energy you’ll have to expend on the right person.

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