March 2008
Well done, Class of 2022
You know it’s spring at Harvard when all anyone can talk about is panicking over summer program application deadlines, getting wrecked by pre-Spring Break midterms, and anticipating Housing Day. Check out this Flyby-approved list of some of the best blocking group names from the Class of 2022!

block and roll (like rock and roll)

A classic pun. We also appreciate the explanation — nearly missed the joke there.

Block Dirty To Me

As hardcore Jason Derulo fans, we are ~living~ for the song reference.

Dean Khurana's phone number

The one thing that everyone wants. We’re curious, though — does a name like this increase your chances of getting a Quad House?

Does this spark joy?

This name absolutely does, and we’re hoping your Housing Day will too.

hollaBLOCK girls

Our favorite bop of the mid-2000s rolled into a blocking pun? Yes, please.

It's 5 O'Block Somewhere

Though there are quite a few puns with the word “block”, this is the perfect blend of classic and original. Good work, y’all.

Lawrence S. Blockow

Please link with “Dean Khurana’s phone number” and bring our favorite Harvard bromance to life.

Shuttle Asian Traits & Subtle Asian Blocking

Your favorite Facebook page forever immortalized in a blocking group name. Hopefully you get the Quad or Mather so you can make use of that aforementioned shuttle on the daily.


This name had us cackling for days on end. Good work, you meme-loving lunatics, and props for being willing to step outside of the “blocking” pun world.

With the excitement (and drama) of blocking in the rear view window, all that’s left now is to wait in anticipation for the one and only Housing Day. For now, though, keep flexing your oh-so-clever blocking group names while they’re still relevant.