2020 Inspired Halloween Costumes

By Yehong Zhu

The leaves are turning orange, the air is brisker, and Canada Goose jackets are emerging from the closets. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Spooky Season. This year, like many, you may find yourself procrastinating your Halloween costume once again. Fret not, worried one. With these ideas, you can get a jump on the perfect Halloween costume and get back to procrastinating your work like usual.

Hazmat Suit

Remember the good old days in March when people would show up to class in a hazmat suit to make fun of the “pandemic?” Bring back those good old days by shielding yourself from all the negativity 2020 has brought (and it’ll also actually protect you from COVID-19, so that’s a plus). If you play it right, you could also pass off as an Among Us character, symbolizing how you’ve used the game to drown out all the stress this year has brought.

NBA Bubble

Wear a jersey and bring some blowing bubbles, and you can be the NBA Bubble! Bring some humor into everyone’s lives, at a time when we so desperately need it. Bonus points if you wear a Suns jersey and gripe about how they should’ve made the playoffs.

Zoom Meeting

Wear sweatpants and a collared shirt, and you could be everyone in 2020 during their Zoom Meetings! In my personal opinion, we should keep this dress code even after the pandemic ends. Business up top, party down below. Alternatively, just stay at home and say that your camera is turned off.

Doomsday Survivor

Remember when everyone was joking about 2020 being the end of the world during the wildfires? And then COVID-19 came? And then murder hornets came? After that rocky start, it could only get better from there, right? Right??

Presidential Impeachment

Remember the whole drama about the presidential impeachment? Yep, that happened this year, believe it or not. Get a huge peach costume and a wig, and you could be what we used to think was going to be the wildest part of 2020.

Pandemic Graduation

For this one, just wear a cap, mask, and pajamas. Be reminded of all the high school and college graduates that paraded through their living room with their dog, while Pomp and Circumstance played on someone’s JBL speaker.

Stressed Out Online Student

Can’t lie, this one seems pretty easy and effortless. If not, I’ll be happy to come and give you some pointers.

You’ll be sure to impress with these creative costume ideas. Additionally, you’ll also be a helpful reminder to everyone about how much of a dumpster fire 2020 has been. Whatever you end up dressing up as for Halloween though, remember to stay safe wherever you are!

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