Tag Yourself: Which Bennett from The Bachelorette Are You?

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Harvard has made its way to potentially one of the biggest events of reality TV via the iconic Harvard alum Bennett A. Jordan ’07. From his relatable sentiments to dropping the Harvard “H-Bomb” and dealing the roast of the year, we can all agree Bennett deserves every rose from here on out.

Jordan, Bennett Jordan

Agent 007 arguably made the best introduction of the season stepping out of a Rolls Royce and rocking a classic Connery look. Bennett was the talk of the mansion… or hotel... after this intro, manifesting the dream entrance we all wish we had.

Bounding Bennett

With his “antelope” like stride, Bennett emulates graceful and sophisticated country club vibes. If only I looked as great running to get the last toilet paper at Costco, or running from tourists in the Yard.

Burn Bennett Burn

Dale vs. Bennett. The matchup of the century, perhaps more notable than Team Edward vs. Team Jacob and surely more notable than that Batman vs. Superman movie. This matchup brings as much passion from Bachelor Nation fans as students have during Harvard-Yale!

The At Home Spa King

Sporting an iconic bathrobe and with dirty martini in hand, Bennett is all of us trying to have a self care day mid-quarantine. Who knew “just having my evening spa water” would be the quote from this season living rent free in my brain. Also, we all know he should have been on the spa date, smh.

The Devil Wears… Bennett?

From the minute we saw Bennett in his scarf we knew he had impeccable fashion sense, but his shoe collection is something else. So. Many. Loafers. But as we all know “There’s only seven days in the week, gotta mix it up!” And those bright blue loafers are really mixing it up!

Brainy Bennett

Did Bennett actualize all of our quarantine self improvement goals by “Brushing up on some light reading… on emotional intelligence?” Yes. Did we all swerve and binge Tiger King, perfect our Animal Crossing island, and try and bake sourdough but end up with what surely could be used as a brick instead? Also yes.

Despite a truly wild season (bye Claire & Dale!) Bennett has definitely proven himself the shining star. Here’s hoping the rest of his time with Tayshia is just as iconic!

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