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Flyby’s Guide to Open Spaces on Campus

Welcome to (or back to) campus! What a relief to finally be able to see everyone in person and gasp over the unexpected heights of everyone you met on Zoom. But, why are all your favorite spots on campus closed or functioning on the weirdest hours ever? Well, welcome to Flyby’s official guide to what spaces are currently open on campus and exactly when you can enjoy them.

BoardPlus? Never Heard of Her.

Campus life is back and buzzing, and whether you're new to the scene or returning after a Zoom hiatus, we can all identify with the burning question: what is the deal with BoardPlus? Maybe you miss the good ol’ pre-Covid days of BoardPlus, or maybe you have never even heard of it before clicking on this article. Either way, we’re here to tell you what it is, what has changed, and how to take advantage of it.

Recreating HUDS Dishes: Chocolate Desserts Edition

Whether you're missing HUDS meals or not, it's no question that we're all missing those incredible HUDS desserts. If you can't get a friend on campus to smuggle you a cookie bar or two, fret not! We've got some recipes to help fill the void in the meantime.

Tag Yourself: Which Bennett from The Bachelorette Are You?

Harvard has made its way to potentially one of the biggest events of reality TV via the iconic Harvard alum Bennett A. Jordan ’07. From his relatable sentiments to dropping the Harvard “H-Bomb” and dealing the roast of the year, we can all agree Bennett deserves every rose from here on out.

Flyby Investigates: The ‘Chartthrobs’ of Election Week

Were you #trackingkornacki or counting how many times John King said “this is fun'' to pass the time? I know I was. Now let’s get down to it, how did our favorite “chartthrobs” actually manage all those days of reporting nonstop?

Heading to the Polls Starter Pack

With election szn in full swing, many of us have had our voting plans ready to go and our voices ready to be heard for weeks. However, there's just one more obstacle in your way to finally casting that all-important ballot for those voting in person: the line. With sometimes brutal wait times, covid stresses, and a phone battery that only lasts so long, make sure to come prepared to your polling place so you can have your vote count!