Quiz: Which Harvard Laptop Sticker Are You?

By Rocket Claman

As a Harvard student, the stickers on your laptop say a lot about you and your interests. Maybe your laptop has no stickers, maybe it’s got a couple of neatly arranged ones, and maybe it’s covered in an overlapping mess of stickers. In any case, if you’ve been thinking about what sticker to add next, find out which kind describes you best.

1. It’s time for your Zoom lecture! What are you wearing to greet your classmates online?

A. My favorite sweater! It’s a great day and I’m going to look the part.

B. A full suit, or at least a collared shirt and tie. Dress to impress, no excuses.

C. The t-shirt I slept in last night. Pants are optional. No one’s looking anyway.

D. Obviously, my ethically sourced organic cotton jumpsuit.

2. You’re bored at home and super hungry. What gourmet meal are you making for lunch?

A. Kale salad and a green juice smoothie.

B. Grilled chicken pasta worthy of a Michelin star, plus tiramisu for dessert.

C. Microwave mac n’ cheese. And a few Cheetos.

D. Beyond burger! No meat, please.

3. You’re engaged in a very intense online board game with your friends. What’s your go-to winning strategy?

A. I’m here for the fun! Winning doesn’t matter if everyone is having a good time.

B. I’m way ahead of everyone else and am busy calculating the probability of each possible outcome. Bring it on.

C. Winning strategy? I didn’t even realize we were playing!

D. Why am I playing this game? There are bigger issues in the world that need fixing!

4. What’s your quarantine workout plan?

A. I’m following my favorite influencer’s workout playlist and vlogging the whole thing.

B. 100 push-ups, 100 crunches, and weights every day.

C. Nah. The only marathon happening here is on Netflix.

D. Going for a jog in my neighborhood and enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

5. You decide to do some light reading to pass the time. What are you reading?

A. My favorite happy-ending romance novel!

B. My statistics textbook, of course. It never hurts to get ahead.

C. Basically anything remotely funny. Bring on the comedy.

D. The New York Times. I need to stay updated about what’s happening in this world.


Mostly A’s:

You are the inspiring quote sticker: you live your life by quotes like “seize the day” and “the sky is the limit.” You radiate positivity, and this quarantine is definitely not going to set you back. People are sometimes confused about how you have so much energy, but there are still so many friends to video call, cookies to bake, and things to do. Haters will hate, and they won’t stop you.

Mostly B’s:

You are the club sticker: everyone knows you’re in that fancy club, but you keep flexing it anyway. And you have every right to. You work really hard, stay on top of your activities, and plan out your day by the second. You might be home, but you’re still pouring all your energy into classes and the five pre-professional groups you’re involved in on campus.

Mostly C’s:

You are the random TV reference sticker: you love TV shows like The Office, and your personality reflects it. You’re easy-going, fun, and are just here for a good time. You probably spent spring break with popcorn and a remote in hand, and you’re definitely not ready to be productive again. But you’re not worried. You’re just chilling.

Mostly D’s:

You are the activism sticker: you speak up for the causes you care about, fight for what you believe in, and are not afraid to let everyone know what you think. People might question you, but you’ve always got answers. Fighting for change is tough!

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