How To: Get Off Your Couch

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With quarantine and shelter-in-place orders come lethargy and laziness. Getting out of bed becomes a massive challenge, and the lack of a fully equipped gym-space makes getting exercise even harder than usual. Eating double fudge brownies while swiping through semi-funny Zoom memes on the sofa is nice, but spending every afternoon this way may not be a recipe for long-term health and happiness (at least that’s what the doctors are saying, anyways). Turn over a new leaf and check out some Flyby-approved ways to stay at least a little active at home.

Interval Fitness

Interval fitness is perfect for when you’re binging a show or doing class assignments. Set a timer that goes off every 20 minutes or so, and go through a short circuit workout every time the alarm goes off (e.g. 20 pushups, 20 reverse crunches, 20 Supermans). If you’re watching TV with ads, even better: you don’t have to just sit around during the commercial breaks.

The One Punch Man Workout

If you are a weeb, then you know what’s up with this workout: complete this challenge and you’ll be looking like an absolute snack with the power to subdue anyone with your knuckles. For everyone else, it’s simple: complete 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats every day for as long as you can to achieve respectable fitness. You’re also supposed to run 10 km, but you can add that in when it’s safe to go outside again.

Resistance Bands

Building muscle doesn’t always have to involve heavy and expensive weights. Use the power of physics to train your body with resistance bands instead! Attach the bands to a doorway or your own body to facilitate pulldowns, extensions, curls, leg lifts, and so on. You can choose bands with varying resistance levels to gradually build up your strength.

Stair Sequences

Sick of body-weight exercises, but still hoping to keep your muscles from atrophying any further? Try walking up the stairs — it may sound boring, but it works on all your major lower-body muscles, from your glutes to your hamstrings. Start at the lowest point in your house, and walk yourself up to the top! Don’t forget to repeat many times for real progress.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this, get up, and work in a Flyby-approved home exercise to get the blood flowing and the mind racing!

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