15 Minutes of… Break?

By Madeline R. Lear

Now that classes all occur over Zoom, we no longer need those 15 minutes to walk to the location of our next class. What do you do with this seemingly great, yet awkward amount of time?

Grab a snack.

What better way to spend those 15 minutes between classes fixing up a snack for yourself? We’d be lying to ourselves if we said that we don’t get hungry during class. Snacking may also help make the lecture feel like it’s going faster, who knows? Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt to use that time to make a quick trip to the fridge.

Actually go for a walk.

For when you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, re-enact the walking to your next class by actually going for a walk. Pack your school supplies, strap on your bag, and make a quick little loop around the neighborhood. Set up in a different room and there you have it. New location, new class.

Take a nap.

Feeling sleepy after two consecutive classes and have another afterwards? Recharge by taking a quick 15 minute power nap, or even just by laying down. A luxury that cannot be enjoyed if it weren’t for Zoom. Just be sure to set an alarm.

Get some exercise.

For those feeling particularly ambitious, get some exercise in between your classes. It’ll help you feel energized and awake. Even though there may be enough time to workout in those 15 minutes, we’re not quite sure if there is enough time to get a shower in. This means that you may have to sit through the next 75 minutes in your sweaty workout clothes.

Zoom through your readings

It’s okay if you forgot to do your readings, we did too. Use those 15 minutes to quickly skim through. While one may say it’s procrastination, it can actually be seen as time management.

Although we also miss using those 15 minutes to scurry by the tourists in the Yard to get to our next class, there is actually a lot that you can do in those 900 seconds. The possibilities are endless.

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