Flyby Appreciates the Heck Out of HUDS Workers, and You Should Too

By Madison A. Shirazi

Sometimes you just know it’s going to be a good day. Like when you walk into your local dhall and the aroma of Red Spiced Chicken wafts up to your nostrils. Or maybe your favorite is Friday Clam Chowder. Or perhaps you’ve finally been convinced to start having breakfast by the iconic Veritaffles that have found their ways to the House d-halls, now available seven days a week. Regardless, there is exactly one group of people to thank for these tiny bits of joy in our lives: HUDS workers.

HUDS staff have been our rock as we came back to campus, and honestly, they have been giving 110% of their effort to make our return as ~flawless~ as possible. They have definitely had to adapt to some unique challenges: After a year of providing cold to-go meals and then grab-and-go dining, it has not been easy for anyone working for the university to come back to 100% full capacity, 100% in person. And we get to actually sit in the dhalls and enjoy our food with friends!

And in case you needed more convincing, here are some of my favorite things about HUDS :)

Oat Milk

And soy milk, but mostly oat milk. Whether it’s dark chocolate, vanilla, or original flavored, pouring some in my cup with literally any meal just puts a huge smile on my face. And it’s all thanks to HUDS workers continuously resupplying the fridges in our d-halls. Anyone who can allow me to continue my love affair with oat milk is a winner in my book.


Hopefully, you don’t spill it in the dhall! Not only would it make the floor sticky and give HUDS workers something else to deal with as overworked as they already are, but it’s simply delicious! Go on a tea tour of all of the House dhalls to figure out once and for all what your favorite flavors are.

The Grills

Sure, some days, the HUDS options may not be to your liking. And let’s be real, with more than 6,000 students to feed, that is definitely fair. But never fear; your local grill is here to save the day. The fries are actually good, there are enough options to keep you going for a while if you need some variety, and it has simply blown my mind as a quarantine freshman who had no idea the grills existed.

Whipped Cream

Sometimes when I feel really tired or sad, I make myself a Veritaffle in the morning and top it with a ton of whipped cream before I head out to sit down with my little breakfast club. This is my face before putting whipped cream on my waffle: 😔. This is my face after: 😀.

Always Being the Sweetest People Ever

I am usually a monster in the mornings to the point that I will put my headphones in and pretend not to hear anyone. But somehow, HUDS workers are always there to greet me with a smile as I swipe, and I immediately feel the sunshine emitting from them. Honestly, seeing them is one of the best parts of my morning. My waffles are probably the best part.

From washing all of our dishes (despite being understaffed most of the time) to planning events like enhanced dinners (Eliot House has featured salmon, pumpkin ravioli, and fresh apple pie 😉) and welcoming us home, HUDS has returned better than ever to remind us that we have a community in our Houses and Annenberg.

Just. So much love.

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