Falling Back In Love With Harvard

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements

As we’ve come back to campus in person and braved the joys and pains of in-person classes again, truly the only thing keeping us going is that proverbial light at the end of the thesis-grind tunnel. That light is a real, not Zoom commencement full of hugs, tears, and Instagrammable grad pics. And for our dear friends from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 who disappeared into the void, I miss you! Consider this my desperate plea for you too.

Flyby Manifests: The Yardfest of Our Dreams

Yardfest been letting you down a bit the past few years? Me too, even though I’ve never experienced one. However, I do know exactly what type of Yardfest I want to experience. Stay tuned for the Yardfest of all of our dreams that I better see that $50 billion put toward.

Flyby Manifests: Smooth Sailing

After the last few months with classes back in-person and ~relatively~ normal, there are many things to feel hopeful about when looking toward the future. Whether that be anything from having a normal sleep schedule to making it onto Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana’s instagram — join Flyby in manifesting smooth sailing from here on out.

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements Graphic

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements

Flyby Appreciates the Heck Out of HUDS Workers, and You Should Too

We're back in full swing, and HUDS staff have been truly been our rock throughout it all. Just as we've been adapting to unique new circumstances, they have too! In case you needed more convincing, here are some of our favorite things about HUDS.

Flyby Appreciates: Actually Having A Roommate

Having a roommate was a rite of passage for college students in their first year. Then Covid-19 happened, and traditional rooming arrangements got jumbled up. Now that we're back on campus, we gotta say – we actually sorta appreciate the oh-so-small housing and way-too-close bunk beds!

Flyby Appreciates: The Overnight Shuttle Drivers

Coming back to campus, the shuttles have truly been a gift to Quad and River students alike – sure, we might complain when the 7:10 bus arrives at 7:12, but our shuttle drivers are truly what connect this campus no matter where you're trekking to or at what hours. Especially for our overnight shuttle drivers, we appreciate the late nights and long hours spent keeping us safe and warm<3

Flyby Remembers: Food of the Before-Times

It was a long year away from Harvard and the comfort of HUDS’ finest cuisine for those of us here pre-March 2020. Coming back to campus, we didn’t expect to find college just as we left it: we’ve grown up from freshmen in Annenberg to sophomores/juniors/in-betweeners facing thesis planning and punch. But who could have guessed the HUDS-shaped hole in our hearts would never heal just right?

Flyby Remembers: A Simpler (And Sweatier) Time

We've been feeling a bit nostalgic for pretty much everything these days, but the old days of bravely trekking over to the Quad to check out whatever club was throwing the latest rager sure seems like centuries ago. Travel with us back in time, to those sweaty walls and sticky floors of long ago.

Flyby Remembers: Things We Didn’t Used to Say

As we remember life pre-Covid, we can't help but think about all the new wacky vocab that's taken root in our everyday lives. Endless social juniors? To-go containers? COOL MASKS? What a world we live in these days!

Flyby Remembers: Food of the Before-Times

Flyby Remembers: Food of the Before-Times

Falling Back In Love With Harvard

We're (finally) back on campus, baby! A lot has changed, but one thing has stayed the same: we're glad to be here. Read on for Flyby's spotlight on fond memories, thankfulness, and hope for a almost-normal college experience!

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