BoardPlus? Never Heard of Her.

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Campus life is back and buzzing, and whether you're new to the scene or returning after a Zoom hiatus, we can all identify with the burning question: what is the deal with BoardPlus? Maybe you miss the good ol’ pre-Covid days of BoardPlus, or maybe you have never even heard of it before clicking on this article. Either way, we’re here to tell you what it is, what has changed, and how to take advantage of it.

What The Heck Is BoardPlus?

Whether you’re a junior/senior and it’s been a while or a freshman/sophomore and you literally have no idea what we’re talking about, let me take you on a journey to (re-)discover the wonderful concept of ~BoardPlus~. Basically, each semester you’ll receive $65 on your HUID to use at specific HUDS- and House-operated dining. If you don’t use your $65 during the fall, no worries! It’ll roll right over to the next semester (but make sure you use it up before the last day of exams in the spring… otherwise, it’s gone forever 🥲). If you do leave it till the last minute, Flyby has proved that no amount of time is too small to blow all $130 left in your account (apparently, the LamCaf cakes are the move).

To clear up some common misconceptions – BoardPlus is different from Crimson Cash. Rather than money you transfer onto your HUID, BoardPlus is money already in your designated account that is included in your meal plan. While Crimson Cash is used for things like laundry, vending machines, printing, and designated dining locations that have partnered with Harvard, BoardPlus is exclusively for those sweet on-campus cafes and grilles. (To all of those wonderful students running for the UC pledging for BoardPlus to be used for laundry… sorry to disappoint). In order to use BoardPlus at eligible locations, simply let the person checking you out know and swipe your HUID!

Where Can I Use It?

In a normal year, there are a wide variety of open locations in which you can work through your $65 a semester. These locations include HUDS-operated cafes, House grilles, and even to pay for guest meals in the dhalls (perhaps your next romantic date with that BU student across the river?). But, Covid has put a real damper on this (cue a surprised gasp).

For now, you can use those precious BoardPlus dollars at the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE) Café, Northwest Café over by the science buildings, and the SEC Café at our beautiful new Science and Engineering complex! And if you’re willing to check out some of our graduate schools near and far, options abound at their cafes and commons as well.

...So When Are Things Actually Reopening?

So far, it appears there is no official saving grace date in which we can expect our beloved House grilles to reopen so we can consume some well desired deep fried snacks. Currently, according to College spokesperson Rachael Dane, campus and city guidelines are being reviewed to determine when the best time to open the grilles will be... we can only hope this will be soon.

But, never fear, many of the HUDS-operated cafes on campus have been opening up over the last few weeks, with more to join in the coming weeks, too (bring back Barker Cafe please, RIP). In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the return of some all-time Flyby favorites, from Quad Grille mozz sticks to Barker croissants to LamCaf Javiva’s.

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