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Let’s face it, it’s hard to find gratitude when you’re swamped with p-sets and papers while the ever-present cold? flu? unknown-disease-that-leaves-a-monster-cough makes its annual circulation across campus. However, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be an appropriate time to take a step back and try being thankful for the little things in life.

Biking Along the Charles

I have no idea why I never tried this before, but during the short period of time when 45-minute Bluebike rides were free due to the Orange Line shutdown, I biked along the Charles for the first time and it was LIFE-CHANGING. The wind in my hair, the beautiful scenery, the endorphin rush from pedaling. It was absolutely perfect and a must-try experience. Maybe there will be a few more global-warming-days for you to try before the semester ends.

The Yard Foliage

New England’s finest and prettiest season has made a return. Is it concerning that the Yard trees are still a little green? Yes. Is it a problem that it has been 75 degrees in the middle of November? Also yes. However, I will take whatever color I can get before we face five months of winter where the Yard turns into a bare pit of mud and naked trees.

Taylor Swift

Ms. Taylor Alison Swift is truly a mastermind. Midnights has single-handedly pulled me through midterm season. I may pull up to class with bedhead and sweatpants but I can still make the whole place shimmerrrr. You know I’ll be bejeweled at her upcoming tour concert (if I can even get my hands on tickets — I know all of you waiting in the ticket queue are the reason the wifi is acting up).

Sunday’s Sundaes Sundaze

If there is anything that brings me joy, it’s alliteration. Sure, the ice cream with chocolate syrup, crushed Oreos, and sprinkles are great, but the fact that this weekly treat is referred to as “Sunday’s Sundaes Sundaze” is simply the cherry on top. Whoever came up with the name deserves a gold sticker and all the ice cream sundaes in the world.

House/HUDS Staff

BIG thank you to the House and HUDS Staff who feed us and keep our communal spaces clean and running. I admit, I do actively complain about the menu constantly. However, I can’t stress enough how extremely thankful I am that I’m not responsible for making my own meals. I can’t even say I have the right to critique the food quality because I can barely make toast. Point is, I really do appreciate all the work and effort the staff put into maintaining our community.


No, not the TV show. I’m talking about you ;) I’m thankful for everyone who read this article. I appreciate you. Please take care of yourself and find time to enjoy life. It’s hard out here, but remember, some people go to Y*le.

It’s been a fun reflection to name a few of the things I’m grateful for. Am I going to go back to complaining about every little inconvenience that comes my way as soon as I finish writing this? ABSOLUTELY. But at least I tried, in the spirit of this season of giving thanks. <3

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