Flyby Ranks: Crosswalks Around Campus

By Steve S. Li

Among the most overlooked parts of Harvard’s campus are its crosswalks. Crosswalks are essential to the way we move around. They keep us safe as we travel on foot to class and make sure we don’t get hit by bad drivers on Mass. Ave. But they are a lot more than that too. Each crosswalk has a different *vibe* that just makes it so unique. Read on to learn about Flyby’s favorite crosswalks on campus and why they’re the key to *romanticizing life*.

Barker-Lamont crosswalk

It’s giving English-concentrator-obsessed-with-dark-academia vibes. The direct path from Barker Center to the steps of Lamont just adds so much to the aesthetic of this crosswalk. The best feeling is crossing during autumn when the leaves crunch under your shoes and the Barker gates are majestically open ahead of you. If you want to somewhat romanticize your life instead of thinking of that midterm you have next week that you didn’t study for and don’t have the motivation to study for until the last minute panic sets in, try walking across this crosswalk! I highly recommend it.

In front of Smith Campus Center

Beautiful, immaculate, functional. Not only does this crosswalk actually have a pedestrian light, but it’s actually wide enough to comfortably walk across without passing too closely to other people. Its convenient location near the T, the Smith Campus Center, and the Yard makes it a crowd-favorite and a well-rounded queen. Use this crosswalk for the vibes as you flaunt your tote bag and casually walk into Smith to study with ~aesthetic lo-fi music~.

The crosswalk by the Harvard Book Store

The snow on either side of this crosswalk always seems to be the first to be cleared during blizzards. Rain, shine, snow—no matter what crazy weather Boston brings, this crosswalk is always there for you. Rustic, handy, and trustworthy. This crosswalk doesn’t need to try hard to be well-used and appreciated. It’s also on the way here to The Crimson, which gives it extra brownie points.

The trio of crosswalks by Quincy St. and Harvard St.

Why did the turkey cross the road? To be a menace to some innocent passersby, probably. The amount of times I’ve seen a turkey cross one of these three crosswalks is not even funny anymore. They causally strut across the carefully painted crosswalk like they own the place… Anyways, enough of my turkey slander. I will award some extra points because this trio makes me feel some type of way. Every time I walk across any of these three crosswalks, I have a main character moment. Picture this: it’s 7 PM, and it’s dark already. You’re hurrying back from yet another club meeting and crossing the street, when multiple cars approach the intersection from all three sides. They stop for you as you walk, bathed in the warm glow of their headlights. Just me?

The crosswalk between the Harvard Dance Center and Currier

I didn’t forget about the crosswalks in the quad, but I have thoughts. First of all, why does the light take so long to change??? I’ve literally waited five whole minutes in a snowstorm to no avail and then finally made up my mind to risk my life and just run across the street. This one even has a button you press to cross, but it does literally nothing. So I’m always having a staring contest with a random driver as I guiltily cross on a red light. Sorry, not sorry. It’s the button’s fault, and I’m impatient.

Some crosswalks are nicer than others but we do love them all. Whether you use crosswalks to run to your 9 a.m. or you’re staging a photoshoot to recreate The Beatles’ “Abbey Road,” our crosswalks are an integral part of Harvard’s campus. Next time, take some time to appreciate (or silently judge) the crosswalk upon which you walk. Happy walking!

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