Visitas Do’s and Don'ts For Prefrosh and Hosts

By Emily N. Dial

In-person Visitas is back, bringing many lucky prefrosh to campus! Several pre-frosh will brave dorm life and stay with current undergrads, who will graciously host them for the weekend. Here’s Flyby Blog’s do’s and don’ts list for prefrosh and their hosts to avoid any and all drama.

For the Prefrosh…

DO: Ask your host about Harvard life

If you’re still debating which college to attend or want to learn more about the Harvard experience, use your host as a resource! They can give you all the nitty gritty information admissions officers won’t. Questions to avoid: Do you like Tasty Burger Basement? What was your SAT score? Are you excited to live in the Quad?

DON’T: Follow your host around.

Your hosts volunteered to host you because they want to welcome admitted students to the Harvard community — but remember your host has finals soon, and their job is not to babysit you. Instead, ask for recommendations: which classic Harvard restaurants should you try? Are the coffee and pastries better at Tatte or Flour? Is Jefe’s better than Felipe’s? (though this might get heated).

DO: Connect with other prefrosh.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new best friend at Visitas (although we can’t guarantee that any Visitas hook-ups will last). Invite one of the people you awkwardly DM’d over Instagram because they had Harvard ’26 in their bio to grab Nochs with you!

DON’T: Make your host’s dorm extra messy.

There is nothing worse than a guest who flings their belongings everywhere. Harvard dorms are small to begin with, so try to keep your space neat and tidy! Make sure to clean up after yourself and leave the dorm exactly how you found it.

For the Hosts…

DON’T: Let your guest sit alone in your room, unsure of what to do.

Help them choose the best events to go to or give them recommendations of which Harvard spots they need to check out. Help them connect with other prefrosh and be the host you would want to have had during Visitas!

DO: Give them a personalized tour of campus!

What is unique about your Harvard experience that only you could show them? Take your guest(s) to your favorite study spot in Cabot Library or Smith Campus Center, or perhaps show them the dance studio you spend hours in. Introduce them to the best latte at Pavement — show them the things that the admissions tour will not!

DON’T: Act too busy for your guest.

You signed up for this! I know we all have finals coming up soon, but make sure to set aside time to get to know your guest and answer any questions they may have about Harvard. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a burden or being ignored. You might be your guest’s first interaction with a Harvard student — try to make a good impression!
DO: Clean your dorm!

While you want to show your guest an accurate representation of college life, week-old pizza boxes and stacks of empty Celsius cans are probably not the best look (or smell). Tidy up a bit and make sure your space is as comfortable as possible for your guest.

No matter if you become bffs with your host or if you don’t 100% match each other’s vibe, Visitas is what you make of it! We promise you’ll be in for a non-stop weekend full of memories and new friendships.

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