Residents at Harvard-Owned Apartment Complex Resort to ‘Self-Policing’ Amid Increased Theft

Residents at Peabody Terrace — a Harvard-owned apartment complex — alleged Harvard University police have not done enough to address a pattern of property theft in the area, leading residents to find alternative solutions to secure their packages.

Cambridge’s Landmark Affordable Housing Policy, Explained

The 2019 election cycle in Cambridge was defined by the introduction of the Affordable Housing Overlay, an ambitious — and hotly contested — proposal to expand and expedite the construction of affordable housing across the city.

Amid Boston Area Housing Crisis, Rent Control Gains Momentum, But Troubled Cambridge Legacy Poses Obstacles

Though flanked by three cities that have put forth rent control measures in the past year, Cambridge has seen no comparable discussion of the policy so far. The Crimson asked 10 local lawmakers and policy experts whether a rent control initiative was on the horizon in Cambridge and what the state of advocacy around the issue looks like.

Affordable Housing, Bike Lanes to Dominate Debate for New Cambridge City Council as Progressives Stalwarts Depart

With the Cambridge City Council set to lose two of its most progressive members, the November city elections may mark a shift to a more moderate direction for the 2022-24 term, as affordable housing and bike lanes are set to dominate Council debate.

Cambridge Passes Long-Debated Affordable Housing Amendments, Opening Door to Taller Developments

The Cambridge City Council voted 6-3 to pass a set of hotly debated amendments to the city’s 100%-Affordable Housing Zoning Overlay in a meeting Monday evening, setting the stage for taller, denser affordable housing developments throughout the city.

Despite Outcry, Cambridge City Council Again Rejects Significant Changes to Affordable Housing Amendments

Cambridge’s Monday City Council meeting proceeded in a familiar fashion: with a public comment portion marked by outcry over a controversial proposed expansion to the Affordable Housing Overlay and a failed effort to curtail the AHO amendments.

How To: Celebrate Your Housing Assignment

For all the freshmen unsure of what to do now that they have their housing day assignments, flyby has your back. Check out this article for a list of things to do solo or with your blockmates after you finally know which house you have been ~sorted~ into.

Quincy House

Welcome to Quincy House! Known for its hot breakfast and elevated dhall, Quincy lives up to its mantra: The People’s House. With a great community, welcoming faculty deans, the iconic Qube library, and superior merch, this house has something for everyone!

Lowell House

Welcome to Lowell House! It’s home to the iconic blue bell tower, so you have probably heard of it (or its bells, at least). On top of being one of the closest houses to the Yard, Lowell is steeped in tradition and community. From weekly tea and steins to neon raves and Roman-God-themed formals, what’s not to lo(well)ve?

Adams House

Welcome to Adams House! Boasting the largest student population on campus, a close-knit community, a 2-minute walk to the Yard, the oldest buildings on campus, spacious bedrooms, and newly-renovated dorms, Adams is the sought-after unicorn of Housing Market.

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