Better Late Than Never! How to: Make Your Dorm Room Aesthetic

Whether it’s eating cup ramen at 2 a.m. or dancing to your favorite rage break-up playlist at midnight with your roommates — your room is the spot. Your spot! So, of course it makes complete sense to drop everything from your consulting comp to cramming for exams (yes, I have three exams next week ALREADY), and revamp your space!

Here are a few things you can add to make your room more ~aesthetically pleasing~ (obviously not speaking from personal experience or anything):

Make a photo wall!

By Hana Rehman

Add your artwork (bonus points if it's from your aesthetics & culture gened)!

Add prints & postcards to your wall:

…Or make a HUGE collage:

Repurpose your scarves as wall decor:

Add some stuffies & cute pillows for all the nights we (don’t) cry (at all).

The foolproof trifecta: vines, lights & polaroids:

Thrift a cute garland!

SNACK Cart + magnets on that microfridge.

Plants, plants, plants.

Still not satisfied? Buy or Facebook Marketplace a cute rug, get seasonal decor (it’s almost spooky season!!), or hang all those keychains you’ve collected over the years. Consider printing a photo of your favorite professor to manifest that “A,” or find a lifesize Harry Styles cardboard cutout to greet your guests in the common room. Quote a Dean Khurana speech and frame it. The options are endless — let this be a ~transformative~ experience.

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