Flyby Horoscopes: Beginning of Spring Semester

By Eve S. Jones

Curious what the start of spring semester will look like for you? Flyby’s amateur astrologists have got you covered. After watching many astrology TikToks staring at the stars for a long time, we can confidently conclude what you should be prioritizing as you get back into the swing of things. Don’t let the accuracy of our predictions scare you too much!


While the start of the semester brings the strongest Sunday scaries, look on the bright side — it’s Aquarius season! You may have had a difficult Mercury retrograde these past few weeks, so give yourself time to start making sense of any mixed feelings that came up (at your raging birthday celebrations, of course). The new moon is in Aquarius, meaning that it is the perfect time to explore new opportunities. Take that novelty class that doesn’t actually count for your major! Well, let’s face it, you probably were going to take it anyway.


We know, starting the new semester can be an emotional and anxiety-provoking undertaking. If you’re feeling the pressure, don’t worry! Take time to do some emotional healing (Harry Styles’ Calm meditation could be a great place to start) and channel any nervous energy into something creative. If you need ideas, performing in Battle for Yardfest could be a blast (and if you need a triangle player, do reach out, I would love to participate and my friends are lame).


After a jam-packed winter break you are… planning Spring Break already? That’s fair, we’re actually only 49 (don’t check our math) days away. Also, Jupiter has just entered Aries, a special and rare event, meaning that now’s a great time to start up a passion project, get pumped to start up classes, and develop resolutions to any past ~situations~ (we know how much you love your situations). With the sun in Aquarius, you may even be in a lighter mood, and we all thank the sun for that.


Amid all the frantic back-to-school energy, you are, yet again, carrying your friend group’s sanity. We thank you for your service. However, make sure to take time to set concrete goals for the semester. If anyone can stick to something, it’s you (with a little help from Uranus, of course). Also, it seems like love is in the stars for you. We actually do not really know about that one won’t say more…


You may have had a difficult time choosing your classes or a crisis about your concentration choice. Let us be the first to reassure you: the emotional rollercoaster is so valid, and, in the wise words of Flyby’s favorite momager, “you’re doing amazing, sweetie.” Luckily, as we move out of Mercury retrograde (yes, we keep saying this; no, we don’t really know what it means), you will regain some clarity. And, perhaps recharge by reconnecting with friends after the break!


The beginning of the semester is all about relationships for you, dear Cancer. New classes? Old news. New people? Now that should be your focus. Let yourself be open to new connections—establish a pset group or identify your next section crush. However, with these new changes, don’t let yourself get too swayed by your feelings. Keep everything in perspective and try to go with the flow!


You’ve renamed your private story for the new year. You’ve restocked your favorite skin care products. You’ve picked out your FDOC outfit. Slay. Just remember to look in the mirror (um, figuratively). Take some time to reflect and lean into self-discovery. Furthermore, with all the planets out of retrograde (sorry, it’s our new favorite word), now’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby (crochet me a scarf!) or plan fun activities with friends.


You’re psyching yourself up to take five classes. You’re adding important dates to the Gcal. You’re reading through every single word of the syllabus? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but knowing the due date of pset 3 off the top of your head isn’t that important — well, we suppose it won’t hurt. The cold winter months may make you feel more reserved and isolated, so be sure to take the initiative to spend time with those who make you feel energetic and expressive. Note that with Jupiter in your eighth house, you will do best giving your energy to a few friends or projects (aka comping three new clubs = bad idea).


Flyby’s amateur astrologists regretfully report that the start of the semester might be a tad rocky for our sweet Libras. Perhaps you didn’t get the class you wanted or you made awkward eye contact with an old fling. However, with the help of a little perspective shift and Jupiter, new love opportunities will begin brewing. Our expert recommendation: even if you have no one in mind yet, book something for Valentine’s Day. Restaurants fill up quickly, and we’re confident the stars will align for you ;)


As we start the new semester, you may feel inclined to enter your mysterious academic weapon era. We, and the planets, support you. While all those in Widener will certainly think you are quite cool and collected, you may actually begin feeling a bit sentimental and insecure. Be sure to take stock of your feelings and communicate them with others. With Mercury out of retrograde (it’s truly just so fun to say), you may find it easier to express yourself.


Break your New Year’s resolution yet? Just kidding, we know you did. While your social calendar might be filling up with back-to-school functions, make sure you set aside time to set (and stick to!) some healthy habits for the semester. Weekly routines may seem dreadful (I’m a Sagittarius and generally unmotivated individual, so believe me, I know), but they will ultimately provide a centering complement to the crazy Sag lifestyle.


What did you do over break? More like, what are you doing over summer… 2024? After a fun birthday season, it’s back to the grind, and we’re proud that you’re hard at work securing your internship. Just be sure to take time to enjoy the beginning of the semester — take a nice winter walk with friends or find a new study space! And, with the sun in team-oriented Aquarius, derive energy from collaborating with others (networking counts, we guess).

Feeling called out? Don’t blame us, blame the stars. Still doubting our astrological powers? Just you wait... However, no matter what your horoscope reports, the semester really is in your hands and you’re going to kill it!

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