Dear Seniors: Here Are Some Great Locations for Commencement Photos

By Xinyi (Christine) Zhang

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to capturing the essence of your Harvard experience. Whether you’re posting “candid” shots on Instagram or creating lasting memories, choosing the right locations for your Commencement Day photos is crucial. Fear not, because Flyby has your back! Here are some iconic spots to consider:

Widener Steps and Tercentenary Theatre

Widener Library’s academic aesthetic is a classic backdrop for senior photos. If you choose to face the other way, historic Tercentenary Theatre and Memorial Church add to the charm. Explore different angles on Widener steps and venture into the library for some more backgrounds — you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! Just be prepared to fight all 10,000 men of Harvard for the same angle.

Your Freshman Dorm

Nostalgia hits hard when you reflect on your time here. Four years really do fly by in the blink of an eye. Visit your freshman dorm and snap a few photos by your entryway. Reminisce about “the good old days” while capturing the epicenter of your first-year experience.

Dunster Courtyard

Even (especially) if you don’t live in Dunster House, the courtyard is undeniably beautiful. Golden hour is ideal for capturing the dome’s beauty. Just be prepared to crop out Mather House if it sneaks into the frame!

The John Harvard Statue

Remember that photo of your naive freshman self touching John Harvard’s foot? Well, it’s time to come full circle. Take another photo with the statue — though whether you dare to touch the foot again is entirely up to your discretion. Either way, it’s a symbolic way to mark the end of your Harvard journey.

The Quad Shuttle

If you’re a quadling, you spent countless hours here. Hop on and snap some pics while the bus lurches up Mass Ave. Just don’t fall over and get your black robe all dusty!

Jefe’s, Felipe’s, Joe’s, Noch’s, or CVS

Late-night meals with friends definitely hold a special place in your heart. Don’t worry about the people buying burritos or band-aids. Go full photoshoot mode. This is your moment, not capitalism’s!

Third Floor of Lamont

Let’s be real — you probably spent most of your time practically living in Lamont anyway. You might as well grab a few photos to commemorate and celebrate the fact that you will never have to step foot into Lamont’s doors ever again. Be sure to take a picture of you scrambling to find an outlet for authenticity!

Tasty Basty

Need we say more?

Each location tells a unique story about your Harvard experience. So strike a pose, reminisce, and enjoy the last moments of your time here.

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