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Unpopular Opinion: ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ Have Better Lyrics

“Dear Evan Hansen” holds a secure place in the musical theater canon. But its unconditional critical celebration paints an incomplete picture, glossing over the areas where musical theater has room to grow.

Arts Playlist: Songs for a Classy Quarantine

This jazz-adjacent playlist is for those days when we’re in need of something to break that rut and make us feel a little bit better about ourselves — and a little bit classier in our sweats.

Arts Playlist: Songs to Embrace Your Quarantine Loneliness

Blast these songs as you stay inside to linger in your newfound loneliness or reflect back on the good old days, when the furthest distance you had to traverse to see your friends was from the River the Quad.

What the Hell Happened: Fans Call for Ezra Miller to be Fired over ‘Choking’ Scandal

Ezra Miller is a name perhaps most synonymous with cult-classic movie roles and jaw-dropping red carpet fashion appearances — but for the past week their name has circulated on social media for a less than stellar reason.

Art Theft is Optimism

I know this is not how art heists work, but I like the thought of the robber taking his van Gogh back to a flat in Amsterdam, maybe hanging it above his gold enameled fireplace. He can appreciate it, wine in hand, while he self isolates.

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