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Top 5: Rap Songs about COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, rappers have taken to the booth to assess the new normal — empty grocery shelves, PPE, and the NBA bubble. Here’s a list of the top five rap songs about COVID-19.

Movie Trailer Breakdown: 'Safety'

Amidst an empty football field and a sea of cheers, the narration of Clemson Coach Bowden (Matthew Glave) immediately sets the stakes for the trailer, as he asks: “What does sacrifice mean to you?”

Unpopular Opinion: Color-Blind Casting Isn’t ‘Woke’ — It’s Racist

Recent examples of color-blind casting — casting that does not take race or ethnicity into account — reveal the complexities that develop when exclusion and rejection of authenticity are disguised as an egalitarian artistic convention.

Movie Trailer Breakdown: 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

If you haven’t read August Wilson’s original play “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” and were hoping to get a taste of the upcoming movie adaptation while avoiding spoilers, the trailer is a bad place to begin.

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