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French Laundry Tasting Menu

The basic unifying principle of all tasting menus is a reversal of traditional power dynamics between producer and consumer.

Is Veganism the New Fine Dining?

Veganism has attempted various coups d’états in haute cuisine establishments across the globe. In 2021, Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park made its pivotal switch to a plant-based menu.

A Comprehensive Harvard Square Restaurant Guide

Tired of cooking yourself the same kind of meals night after night? Hoping to experience some variety that your dining hall can’t offer? Read on for the definite guide to a perfect outing.

What The Hell Happened: BTS Confirm New Album

While Big Hit Music has yet to release any further information about the upcoming release, that hasn’t deterred ARMYs from making their own predictions. Proposed hypotheses include that the name of the album will be “WE” to reflect “ME,” and that the album’s cover will be purple to symbolize BTS’s growth.

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