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Arts Vanity: Windows Down, Broken Aux Cord: A Groove Groove Revolution

There are a few simple truths in life: Roosters will always crow at dawn, Floridians will never learn how to use their turn signals on 6-lane highways, and, if riding in my car, anticipate a few brief intermissions in the tracklist.

From Rolling Loud Miami: Aminé Brings the Block to Miami

The crowd’s unfamiliarity with his songs didn’t stop Aminé from putting on an amazing performance. For long-time fans, watching his set felt like a journey through his artistic development.

The Black Arts Collective: The Students Creating Space for Black Arts on Campus

“There was a space that was lacking on campus for Black people to come together as a collective and create and appreciate art in a way that was healing and was empowering for us and for them.” Sesay said.

Arts Vanity: I Would Sell my Kidney to Meet Bruno Mars

In the common room of our Lowell suite, one of my eight blockmates posed the question which would come to redefine our relationship forever: What would you give up to meet your favorite celebrity?