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Arts Vanity: Windows Down, Broken Aux Cord: A Groove Groove Revolution

There are a few simple truths in life: Roosters will always crow at dawn, Floridians will never learn how to use their turn signals on 6-lane highways, and, if riding in my car, anticipate a few brief intermissions in the tracklist.

From Rolling Loud Miami: Aminé Brings the Block to Miami

The crowd’s unfamiliarity with his songs didn’t stop Aminé from putting on an amazing performance. For long-time fans, watching his set felt like a journey through his artistic development.

The Black Arts Collective: The Students Creating Space for Black Arts on Campus

“There was a space that was lacking on campus for Black people to come together as a collective and create and appreciate art in a way that was healing and was empowering for us and for them.” Sesay said.