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Dilapidated Dorms: How Harvard Undergrads Cope with Run-Down Housing

Some students say they’ve grown accustomed to living with rodents and the occasional maintenance problem in dilapidated houses. But for others, housing problems raise broader concerns about how run-down living spaces may detract from quality of life at Harvard.

An ‘Urgent Need’: Professors Call for Renovations to Harvard-Yenching Library

Earlier this month, Harvard announced plans to renovate four major libraries ahead of the University’s 400th anniversary. But some said the Harvard-Yenching Library, which was absent from the list, is in critical need of repair.

Harvard Plans To Renovate 4 Major Libraries Ahead of 400th Anniversary

Martha Whitehead, vice president of the Harvard Library, announced plans to renovate the four major libraries in Harvard Yard — Widener, Lamont, Pusey, and Houghton — during a faculty meeting last week.

‘Science on Display’: Renovations to Teaching Labs Continue in Science Center

Harvard began renovations to the Science Center teaching laboratories in December 2023, closing off much of the first and second floors of the building. The ongoing construction is part of a longer renovation of the Science Center expected to end in the summer of 2025.

With Harvard Allston Campus Construction Underway, Residents Complain of Traffic, Lack of Communication

With construction on the first phase of Harvard’s Enterprise Research Campus entering its sixth month, Allston residents voiced criticisms of the development and the impact it will have on the neighborhood.

‘Capable of Change and Evolution’: The Debut of Harvard’s Undergraduate Science Center

Today, having a class in the Science Center is a staple of the Harvard College experience. But when the Class of 1973 arrived at Harvard, construction had not even begun on what is now an iconic feature of the University.

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