Germanic Languages

Harvard Prof. Eric Rentschler Sanctioned for Violating Sexual Harassment Policies

Germanic Languages and Literatures professor Eric Rentschler was placed on two-year administrative leave for violating the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ sexual and gender-based harassment and professional conduct policies, Dean Hopi E. Hoekstra announced in an internal email.​​​​​​​

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Discusses Digital Technology Ethics at HLS Talk

Hosted by Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, the event — entitled “Ethics of Digital Transformation” — also featured professors studying in a variety of disciplines from both American and German universities.

You Speak What?

Within the classrooms of Harvard’s smallest language classes, a wide mix of people work to grasp the unfamiliar sounds and systems of a language that few of their classmates will ever understand.

German Department Prematurely Publicizes Potential Joint Concentration

​Though the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has yet to approve a proposed special joint concentration with Germanic Languages and Literatures, the German department has been aggressively publicizing the initiative, often “jumping the gun” and referring to the proposal as a done deal, according to German Department Chair John T. Hamilton.

Vampire Vibes: The Dark Side of Modern Culture

Bettina Stoetzer, assistant professor at MIT, lectures on German literature to the audience. Last Friday, an interdisciplinary conference called "Vampire Vibes: The Dark Side of Modern Culture" was held on problematics of identity, deviance, and power in modern history, literature, and media.

Vampires Come Alive at Humanities Conference

Students and scholars across several departments gathered around a “vampirian round table” on Friday to discuss the importance of supernatural elements in media and literature in understanding society’s age-old thirst for tales of the undead.

The Humanities at Work

The universe of higher education often bemoans a "crisis" in the humanities, with supposedly dwindling numbers and few job prospects. At Harvard, humanities concentrators face a crisis of choice, attempting to balance their passions with factors like stability and employment. For Harvard graduates, the question is not so much whether you’ll get a job with a humanities degree—it’s where.

Snow Days by Concentration

Now that everyone has frolicked sufficiently, snow days have become a time for learned contemplation. FM considers how students of various concentrations can best use their time off.

Same Story, New Book: Repackaging Humanities at Harvard

Recently, national news outlets have declared a crisis of the humanities. But at Harvard, the plot gets more complicated. The challenges facing Harvard's humanities necessitate changes to course offerings far more than the core of the humanistic enterprise.

The Word: Relapse

Affliction: Last semester I overdosed on German writers.

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