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Foodbetter Summit Stirs Discussion on Sustainability

The Foodbetter Harvard Initiative held a cornucopia of events last week, ranging from panels with celebrity chefs to a sustainability and innovation fair, intended to promote conversations about healthy and sustainable food choices on campus.

'Rocky' Director Parses the Politics of Filmmaking

American film producer and director Irwin Winkler spoke Friday in front of aspiring filmmakers, fans, and curious students about rising above political and social adversity in filmmaking.

Students Enjoy Coloring and Zumba During ‘Health Week’

Complete with a wide array of events ranging from a Berry Brain Break, to a Mental Health Open Mic and massages, the Freshman Class Committee kicked off a more comprehensively envisioned “Freshman Health Week” this week than in previous years.

Vampires Come Alive at Humanities Conference

Students and scholars across several departments gathered around a “vampirian round table” on Friday to discuss the importance of supernatural elements in media and literature in understanding society’s age-old thirst for tales of the undead.

Ghungroo Performance Adds Mental Health Focus

​This year’s Ghungroo—a flurry of dance, music, spoken word, and acting—featured a new focus on issues of mental health in South Asian communities, and included a revamped charity aspect of the show.

Students Praise HBX CORe, With Caveats

HBX CORe has made a concerted effort to reach out to students at the College, partnering officially, and somewhat controversially, with the Undergraduate Council to inform students about the program.