Harvard Center for Astrophysics to Close Wolbach Library Due to ‘Financial Considerations’

The John G. Wolbach Library — which carries one of the world’s largest astronomical collections — will shutter its doors on Friday, in a move that was “driven primarily by financial considerations,” according to an email from Harvard Center for Astrophysics Director Lisa Kewley.

Harvard, BU Physicists Create New Tool to Probe High-Pressure Superconductors

Harvard and Boston University professors developed a tool that enables researchers everywhere to make measurements of different phenomena in high-pressure environments such as earthquakes, phase transitions, and superconductors.

Quantum Physicist Mikhail Lukin Appointed University Professor

Quantum physicist Mikhail Lukin has been appointed a University Professor, Harvard’s highest faculty rank, the University announced Tuesday.

LISE Building

The Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering facilitates research in the field of physics.

Harvard Researchers Achieve Tunable Superconductivity in Trilayer Graphene

Harvard scientists have developed a new twisted graphene configuration for achieving superconductivity that could help lead to the realization of superconductors at higher temperatures, according to a Feb. 4 paper published in Science.

Harvard Researchers Discover Wobbling Shadow of Supermassive Black Hole

Harvard astrophysicists have discovered that the crescent-like shadow of the Messier 87 (M87*) black hole appears to be wobbling.

SEAS Researchers Invent Shape-Remembering Wool-Like Material

Researchers at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have invented a wool-like material that remembers shape and changes form when soaked in water.

Brian Greene Talks the Physics of Free Will at Science Center Lecture

Theoretical physicist and Columbia University professor Brian R. Greene ’84 emphasized humanity’s unique place in the cosmos — despite occupying a miniscule sliver of space and time — at a Science Center talk Wednesday night.

‘It’s Beautiful. It’s Wrong’: Physicist Lee Smolin Discusses ‘Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution’ in Talk

Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin explained the incomplete nature of quantum theory before a packed lecture hall in the Science Center on Wednesday evening, discussing his newest book, “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum.”

Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

Lee Smolin, author of the recently released book “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution”, gives a talk on Wednesday evening in the Science Center. His book discusses Einstein’s quantum mechanics and its limitations on our understanding of the world.

Physicist Sylvester J. Gates, Jr. Discusses History of Relativity At Harvard

The conversation — which was moderated by Harvard physics graduate student Delilah E. A. Gates — promoted the book “Proving Einstein Right,” co-authored by Sylvester Gates and novelist Cathie Pelletier.

Einstein Book Talk

Theoretical physicist and writer Dr. S. James Gates Jr. spoke on Wednesday evening about his newly released book titled "Proving Einstein Right" and the inspiration for its publication.

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