Senior Section 2013

Marriage: Elizabeth P. Bronshteyn ’13 and Berel Bronshteyn

Just after Elizabeth returned from a semester abroad in the Czech Republic last fall, the couple went to a Build-a-Bear Workshop in Manhattan and made a teddy bear. They named it “Bliz”—a combination of their two names.

Engagement: Joshua G. Wilson ’13 and Sorrel L. Nielsen ’14

A couple days ago, I invited Sorrel to take a walk with me down to the Radcliffe Sunken Garden. I said I needed to take a phone call. Then I took the ring out of my pocket. I came back and held her hand.

Magic, Magic, Magic

I think we all stopped at one point or another and looked up at the tower of Mem Church, thanking our lucky stars that we go to school at such a crazy, historic, beautiful, vaguely ridiculous place filled with incredible people.

Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey

The Crimson conducted a survey of the Class of 2013 from May 11 to May 21. Nearly half of the senior class—780 respondents—answered questions on topics ranging from drug use to House satisfaction to post-graduation plans. We assume the sample is a random selection and therefore discount any selection bias. The results paint a picture of the class that graduates this week.

Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey

In a year marked by a major cheating scandal at Harvard, more than 30 percent of graduating seniors admit they have cheated on a homework assignment during their four years as undergraduates.

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