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Out of Africa, Back to the Quad

Animals as gifts aren’t new to Currier House Masters Richard W. Wrangham and Elizabeth A. Ross, but though they appreciate the sentiment, they don’t quite know what to do with them.

New Efforts Alleviate High Book Prices

Students and professors alike are finding ways to grapple with the growing prices of textbooks—a semesterly complaint among both parties. Although many professors lament the cost of the textbooks for their classes, they say there is little they can do to reduce prices for students.

Off Campus, Harvard Goes Greek

Despite Harvard’s unusual situation—in which the administration refuses to recognize what it terms a “discriminatory” culture—Harvard is part of a national trend of expanding Greek life on college campuses.

Old Quincy: A Test Project

Come 2013, when the first stage of a series of renovations across the Houses is complete, gone will be the walk-through room setup and cramped quarters that plague so many inhabitants of Old Quincy.