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Engagement: Jocelyn P. Blier ’13 and Daniel M. Schreff ’12

Engagement: Jocelyn P. Blier ’13 and Daniel M. Schreff ’12
Engagement: Jocelyn P. Blier ’13 and Daniel M. Schreff ’12
By Monika L.S. Robbins, Crimson Staff Writer

Names: Jocelyn P. Blier ’13 and Daniel M. Schreff ’12

Concentrations: Psychology, psychology

Houses: Mather, Currier

Hometowns: Cambridge, Mass; Greenwich, Conn.

Where you met: Jocelyn’s first class of freshman year, Culture and Belief 11

When you got engaged: On Dec. 8, 2012, Dan surprised Jocelyn with a scavenger hunt to help her de-stress during exam period. All of the stops were meaningful places for them, and, finally, she ended up in Yenching Auditorium, where they had met. He turned on all the lights and proposed.

Most memorable date: DMS: While Jocelyn was visiting me in Connecticut, it was really warm, so we went to my favorite pizza place and then sat in the park by a big pond. We were the only people in the park and spent hours talking until the sun went down.

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: JPB: Adventurous, free-spirited, passionate. DMS: Adventurous, confident, easygoing.

What your friends would say about you: We get along really well and are passionate about each other. We are talkative.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: JPB: Our best-kept couple secret is that I’m better at HORSE than him. He doesn’t like it because he’s athletic and says I have little stick arms.

An anecdote that captures your relationship: We recently went down to Charlottesville and basically spent the whole weekend without a map driving down random rustic roads. Our favorite times are when we have no plans and it’s just the two of us on an open road with endless things to explore.

In 15 minutes you are: JPB: Meeting up with friends before Senior Bar. DMS: Working on an analysis at work.

In 15 years you are: JPB: Working in environmental law. DMS: I would like to own a zoo.

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