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FM's Most Interesting Seniors
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From naked comedians to lock-picking photographers to home-cooked-flesh-makers, these are FM's picks for 15 Most Interesting Seniors, Class of 2018. (Yes, there are technically 16. That's right, readers! One FREE bonus senior!)
The Seniors
Editors' Note

Dear Readers,

This year, we asked you who the most interesting seniors on campus are, and you delivered. We received literally hundreds of nominations; narrowing the list to the fifteen you’ll find in these pages wasn’t easy. From the absolute sea of talented seniors you introduced us to, we narrowed the field to a short(ish) list, then a shorter(ish) list, and finally solicited votes from two Crimson committees. The seniors you see in this issue are the final results of that process.

To be honest, it’s probably not accurate to call them the “most” interesting. At the risk of being maudlin, sorting through your thoughtful and many, many nominations made us wonder if every senior couldn’t be somewhere on this list. It seems like just about everyone on campus has a secret talent, or has noticed and tried to fix injustices in our world, or has achieved creative and academic heights. We think you might all actually be interesting. Well, not AMD. He hasn’t seen the sun in six months. He does feature heavily in LEH’s thesis, though, so he’ll get his fifteen minutes that way.

But Fifteen Most Interesting Seniors is more than just an annual issue: It’s also our last issue. After a full calendar year of steadfast love, FM has kicked us to the curb. We were fired yesterday. Just kidding. We did our time. Every week for the last year, we’ve wracked our brains for story titles, argued endlessly in maestro, and battled the CTP machine. Together, we and our radiant crew of writers, editors, designers, and photographers produced 21 gorgeous magazines. (Also, Val proofed the Tables of Contents.)

It’s been swell, readers. Look for our names in lights.