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Senior Week Is Not the End

My most vivid memory of freshman week is sitting at IHOP picking at an overpriced bowl of fruit. A first college lesson: There is no good reason to order a fruit bowl at IHOP.


Elizabeth C. Spira ’11 & Theodore A. Hoham

When Elizabeth C. Spira ’11 chose to write her senior thesis on Army wives, the Sociology concentrator already knew her ...


Sounds a Little Phishy

An open letter to the phishers who hacked my Gmail account on Dec. 14, 2010 from Nigerian IP address


Missionaries to Harvard

James and Nicole stop the first person of the day in front of the Museum of Natural History.


Allergies, If You Please

Recently, I discovered that I’m allergic to running. Literally. If you’ve ever had a meal with me, you probably know ...

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: Secondhand Cactus

We set up a “Shrine of the Bizarre” to display the weirdest stuff we found: a plastic torso, a statuette of a woman deflecting a greyhound from her groin, a plush horse head cut to fit’s over a person’s head.

Harvard Law School

Judge Reduces Penalty in Nesson Case

Ruling the penalty unconstitutional for its violation of due process, the federal court significantly reduced Friday the $675,000 in damages that Boston University graduate student Joel Tenenbaum had been ordered to pay four large recording companies for illegal file-sharing.

Serious Recreation: Harvard Radcliffe Women's Rugby
Student Groups

Serious Recreation: Harvard Radcliffe Women's Rugby


A Rough, Yet Personal, Sport

For the first time since the seniors of the current Radcliffe Rugby Football Club walked onto the team, the tight-knit ...


Female University Employee Attacked by Unidentified Man Near Dewolfe St., Escapes Uninjured

A female Harvard University employee reported that she was attacked while walking on Grant St. near DeWolfe St. on Tuesday.

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Dropping the H-Bomb

When “An Expensive Education”, a novel by Nick McDonell ’06-’07 came out this summer, Harvard was, once again, fictionalized and

Fifteen Questions with Nick McDonell

Nick McDonell ’06—’07 published his first novel, “Twelve,” when he was still in high school. Now, seven years later, the

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Getting Through the Stress of Choosing Your Concentration

Even though you won’t be declaring your concentration (or what every other normal college in the nation calls a “major”)

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The Community of All We Can See

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Clouds drift up one side of Mt. Cising before they slide down the other. But first the

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