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Free things=good things. Go to the crew intro meeting for a free athletic shirt. Go to the Barker Center Café as it’s closing for free coffee. Go to Lamont café for a free massage from your peers (apparently). Go to the laundry room for free condoms. Go to the career fair for free random shit with company logos. Go to the libraries for free pencils. Go to Mather Lather for free soap. Go to any bulletin board for free thumbtacks. Go to Lowell on Thursdays or Sparks House on Wednesdays for free tea. Go online for Freeze magazine. Go to the Democracy Center for freedom. Go to MIT for freaks. And don’t go to Harvard if you want to save money. — Charles R. Melvoin

For The Moment

Tanning on Campus: Hate It

If you know me at all, you know that I like to maintain a certain sun-kissed glow all year round. ...


I Can See Clearly Now

I pulled them on like armor. My metamorphosis had finally arrived. I was no longer the airhead, I was the coveted, feared, admired intellectual.

Drinky Drink

Drunk Jenga Assign various Jenga pieces with tasks such as: chug one beer, take one shot, give a beer, finish

The Best Square Locales For a (Memorable) Drink

Here at Harvard, it is sometimes easier to go to a bar than go to the trouble of sneaking booze

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Avoid These Crazy Harvardians

It’s no mystery that students at Harvard are weird. If we were smart enough to get in, something must be

Love It: Prefrosh Weekend

It’s Friday night, 11 p.m., and you’re walking back to your dorm room from Lamont, excited for a quiet and

Love It: Textual Harrassment

Most Sunday mornings, the first thing I do is frantically check my phone and scroll through my history from the

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Hate it: Christmas Comes Early

It all starts with the red cups at Starbucks. Next come the Christmas lights. Then there’s the earnest and guilt-inducing

Shuttle? More Like Shittle!

A month ago, one of the Harvard Shuttle buses collided with a biker at 1 a.m. A few weeks later,

How to Keep Cool as Things Get Hot

The freshman advising system at Harvard has come a long way. Freshmen today have an academic advisor to help with

Hate it: Diamond Magazine

Porno, sports, politics...the ideal mixture for a men’s magazine, right? Well, if we’re talking about Diamond magazine, the answer is

Faust, Beyond the Limited Facebook Profile

Sex : Female Networks : Harvard Interested in : Men Relationship Status : It’s Complicated with Matthew L. Sundquist

sweet deal!

With delicious pasta entrées at every meal and handy self-service kiosks, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole world

Scrambling to Serve

Alissa E. Schapiro ’10 considers Margaret Peña a close friend. “We instantly hit it off,” Schapiro says of her and