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Free things=good things. Go to the crew intro meeting for a free athletic shirt. Go to the Barker Center Café as it’s closing for free coffee. Go to Lamont café for a free massage from your peers (apparently). Go to the laundry room for free condoms. Go to the career fair for free random shit with company logos. Go to the libraries for free pencils. Go to Mather Lather for free soap. Go to any bulletin board for free thumbtacks. Go to Lowell on Thursdays or Sparks House on Wednesdays for free tea. Go online for Freeze magazine. Go to the Democracy Center for freedom. Go to MIT for freaks. And don’t go to Harvard if you want to save money. — Charles R. Melvoin

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For The Moment

Love It: "Let's Do Lunch!"

No three-word combination since “I love you” has packed so many meanings into so few syllables. It’s not that I ...

Chairs in the Yard: Love It

The Common Spaces Steering Committee started with two Chairs—Dean Mostafavi and Professor Cohen—and somehow ended up with 476. In a

Love It: Video Chatting

Some technological breakthroughs affect our lives more than others. The Tamagotchi, while endlessly entertaining, did not rock my world. Toilet

Window 21 to the World

There were pink Post-its on all the glass windows. “Window 21” was scribbled on the one I approached, while my

The Gold Medal Blues

“Hi everyone, and welcome to the NBC/GE Client Hospitality Program. My name is Charlie and I’m from Los Angeles.” “Name,


With the recent release of “Barackula,” a short online film in which presidential candidate and Harvard Law School alum Barack

Harvardwood 101

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Hollywood”? Whether the first image is a struggling actor with three

Unnamed photo

So Long, Old Kong. We Will Miss Thine Venerable Decrepitude.

We’ve all had an old pair of sneakers that, despite being shabby and worn out, we can’t imagine replacing. But

Dumpster Diving

Some profess that the best things in life are free. But what if you have to search through a dumpster

What’s in a Name?

When Jackie M. Robinson ’09 was looking for college scholarships his senior year of high school, one offering institution stood

The Faust & The Furious

As president of Harvard, Drew G. Faust holds a celebrity status that few academics share. While her fame may be

To Like or Not To Like Ike: HYRC’s Schism

See this story's original coverage in The Crimson. The political feuds over the direction of the national Republican Party today

SPOTLIGHT: Daniel J. Wilner '07

After assembling a selection of short Beckett plays last spring, Daniel J. Wilner ’07, a veteran actor, is ready to

Study: No Abortion-Cancer Link

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine states that there is no link between abortion and breast