Drinky Drink

Drunk Jenga Assign various Jenga pieces with tasks such as: chug one beer, take one shot, give a beer, finish

Drunk Jenga

Assign various Jenga pieces with tasks such as: chug one beer, take one shot, give a beer, finish your drink, waterfall, etc. Play by the regular rules of Jenga, but when a player chooses a piece with a task on it, he or she must complete that task. The game ends when the tower collapses and the loser must finish his or her drink and choose three of the tasks to complete.

Difficulty Level: Low
Physical Activity Level: Minimal
Drunk Factor: Wastey

Beer Ball

Two players stand on opposite ends of a standard size beer pong table with an unopened can of beer in front of each of them. The first player chucks a ping pong ball at the second player’s can of beer. If it hits, the first player begins chugging his or her beer while the second player chases down the ball. When the second player retrives the ball, he or she slams it on the table and yells “Stop!” At this point the first player stops drinking. The goal is for each player to finish his or her beer first. Note: This game can be played in teams of two. One teammate throws, the other drinks.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Physical Activity Level: High
Drunk Factor: Buzzed

Odd or Even

In a group of at least two people, assign everyone as either an “odd” or an “even.” Take turns rolling a dice. If the number rolled is odd, the “odd” players must take a drink and if the number rolled is even, the “even” players must take a drink. The goal: get shitfaced.

Difficulty Level: Are you kidding me?
Physical Activity Level: Sloth
Drunk Factor: UHS

Spin the Bottle: College Style

Traditional spin the bottle except any time the bottle lands on you, you have to take a shot. The kiss is the chaser.

Difficulty Level: Middle School
Physical Activity Level: Sweaty Palms
Drunk Factor: Drunk enough to go from kiss to condom


Sit in a circle of at least four players. The first player will whisper a question into the ear of the player to his or her left to which the answer must be the name of another player. (Examples: Who moans the loudest during sex? Whom would you buy plastic surgery for?) The second player answers the question aloud with the name of someone in the room. The second player then flips a coin. If it’s heads, that player must also say aloud the question he or she was asked. If tails, then the player stays silent and the game continues with the next person. Note: Though there is no drinking in the formal rules of the game, believe us, you will need a few drinks to get through it.

Difficulty Level: Low
Physical Activity Level: Medium, if you consider crying and screaming physical activities
Drunk Factor: You won’t want to remember this. Blackout.